Chicamocha River

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Chicamocha River
Cañon del del rio Chicamocha 002.jpg
Country Colombia
Basin features
Main source Tuta, Boyacá
2,600 m (8,500 ft)
5°42′N 73°14′W / 5.700°N 73.233°W / 5.700; -73.233
River mouth Sogamoso River
700 m (2,300 ft)
Progression Sogamoso-Magdalena-Caribbean
River system Magdalena
Landmarks Chicamocha Canyon

Chicamocha River is a river of north-central Colombia. It is part of the Magdalena river system that flows into the Caribbean Sea.

Chicamocha River originates in the municipality of Tuta in the department of Boyacá, flows through the department of Santander and joins the Suárez and Fonce Rivers to form the Sogamoso River.

PANACHI national park[edit]

The Chicamocha Canyon is a national park (PANACHI; PArque NAcional de CHIcamocha) and major tourist destination in Colombia. It was preselected for the election of natural wonders of the world.[1]


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