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Chicha Press (or "Prensa Chicha" in Spanish) is a Peruvian nickname for sensationalist tabloid newspapers.


These newspapers usually share these features:

  1. Use slang in headlines and/or news items
  2. Sometimes portray females in bikinis or partially nude on its front page
  3. A focus on murders, rapes ("crónica roja") and local show business ("farándula").
  4. Are designed to appeal to the less educated segment of the Peruvian population.
  5. Tabloid format (there has never been a full-size chicha newspaper).

List of Chicha newspapers[edit]

This is a partial list of Peruvian newspapers considered "prensa chicha":

Chicha Press and Fujimori[edit]

During Alberto Fujimori/Vladimiro Montesinos' administration some (if not all) of these newspapers were controlled through coercion or bribes in order to highlight Fujimori's regime and destroy the reputation and good name of political enemies of the regime.

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