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Chichester High School for Boys
Chichester High School For Boys, badge.png
Mottoes Abeunt Studia in Mores
(Latin: "Studies build one's character")
Established 1971
Type Academy
Headteacher Ms Yasmin Maskatiya
Location Chichester
West Sussex
50°49′51″N 0°46′35″W / 50.8308°N 0.7763°W / 50.8308; -0.7763Coordinates: 50°49′51″N 0°46′35″W / 50.8308°N 0.7763°W / 50.8308; -0.7763
DfE URN 140106 Tables
Ofsted Reports Pre-academy reports
Staff 100 (full time)
Students 1,240
Gender Boys (mixed 6th form)
Ages 11–19
Publication The Martlet
Former pupils Old Cicestrians

Chichester High School for Boys, or CHSB, is a boys' secondary school with academy status, located in the city of Chichester, West Sussex, England. It was formed in 1971 during the schools reformation act of the 1970s by the amalgamation of two established schools; The Lancastrian School (established 1895) and the High School for Boys (established 1929).


Dress consists of a white shirt, green and white tie, grey/black trousers, black shoes, grey pullover and a blazer (the green uniform jacket). Variations include special ties worn to meetings of the societies.


The campus is divided into three buildings.

  • The Kingsham Building (1929) is the oldest part of the school. It houses SEN, the Inclusion Centre, drama, law, music, reprographics, Attendance Office, Data Office, Examinations Office and general administration.
  • The Lancastrian Building is the main part of the school and houses all other departments, except PE, sport and modern foreign languages.
  • The Tim Peake Sports and Conference Centre, which was opened in July 2009 by Major Tim Peake, a former student of the school.

The school's buildings and facilities were expanded in the 2000s to include a science block, a learning resources centre, an administrative and reception area, an astroturf pitch, and a sports hall. The South Downs Planetarium, supported by Sir Patrick Moore, was opened on the site on 5 April 2002.


The school's sporting facilities include an international-standard irrigated all-weather hockey pitch, sports hall, tennis courts and grounds for sports such as rugby, cricket, hockey, tennis, squash, athletics, basketball, football, and badminton. A sports centre was completed in 2009.

Sixth form[edit]

Artwork on the wall of the Sixth Form common room, attributed to former student Sam Gardner

The Sixth Form is divided into Year 12 and Year 13. It is jointly managed by both CHSB and CHSG. It has 400 students. Sixth Formers enjoy privileges, including their own common room, reading room and kitchen. Members of the Sixth Form are not required to wear school uniform.

Combined Cadet Force[edit]

The school operates a Combined Cadet Force Its Army section is affiliated with the Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment and an RAF section but no Navy section due to an agreement at the time of the formation with the local Sea Cadets.

Old Cicestrians[edit]

The school alumni society is called the Old Cicestrians. For some time it was called the Chichester High and Lancastrian Old Boys, or CHALOBs, but reverted to the original name in 2007. In former times a magazine "The Martlet" was issued at the end of each school year as well as a full school photograph. Before converting to a comprehensive system there were eight houses: King, Story, Wilfred, Richards, Andrews, Lake, Bell and Sherborne at the grammar school, each based on a geographical area.


  • Rev. John Deacon (1845)
  • Rev. Peter Chris (1853)
  • Rev. Edward Saunders (1859)
  • William Lewis (1867)
  • James Thompson (1873)
  • Richard P Usher (1888)
  • Thomas Hayes (1892)
  • Dr. Samuel Gardner (1905)
  • Beilert Valance (1919)
  • John Patrick (1928)
  • Edwin Bishop (1937)
  • Neil Young (1942) (acting)
  • Alexander Few (1943)
  • Paul Stanley (1957)
  • Dr. Peter Bishop (1953)
  • Kenneth D Anderson (1954)
  • Dennis Watkins (1972)
  • Sebastian Green (1977)
  • Simon Neil (1979)
  • Ron L Austin (1987)
  • Diane Dockrell (1998)
  • John Robinson (2005–2009)
  • Gavin Salvesen-Sawh (2010–2014)
  • Gary Potter (2014–2015) (Acting)
  • Yasmin Maskatiya (2015–

Houses, Communities and Colours.[edit]

Formerly each house was named after a Bishop of Chichester, They are: Blake (Yellow), Cawley (Green), Howard (Grey), Lancaster (White), Montgomery (Red), Norfolk (Purple), Richmond (Orange), Sherborne (Dark Blue), and Whitby (Sky Blue). A tenth house, known as "Osbourne", briefly existed during the 1960s.

Between 1956 and 1964 the houses were as follows: Andrews (black), Bell (scarlet), King (purple), Lake (lilac), Richards (green), Sherborne (yellow), Storey (blue), Wilfred's (crimson). Also named after bishops of Chichester.

Since the start of the term in 2011, the houses have been renamed 'communities' after people who have an affiliation to the local area (West Sussex). There are now five communities – Canute – Blue, Henry 1st – Red, Story – Yellow, Friar – Green, Bishop – Purple.

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