Chickadee (magazine)

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Chick JanFeb12 cover.jpg
Categories Children's magazine
Publisher Owlkids
Total circulation
Year founded 1979; 38 years ago (1979)
Company Bayard Presse
Country Canada
Based in Toronto
ISSN 0707-4611

Chickadee (stylized as chickaDEE) is a Canadian children's magazine. It was founded in 1979[1] as a spin-off of OWL Magazine geared towards younger readers. Its headquarters is in Toronto.[2]

Originally focused on science and nature, the magazine, aimed at kids aged six to nine,[2] has gradually become a more general-purpose children's magazine.

The magazine was published by the Young Naturalist Foundation.[2] In 1997, chickaDEE (as well as sister publications OWL and Chirp) was purchased by Bayard Canada,[3] which also owns a number of French-language children’s magazines, including Les Débrouillards and Les Explorateurs.


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