Chicken Rice War

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Chicken Rice War
Chicken Rice War.jpg
Directed byChee Kong Cheah (CheeK)
Written byChee Kong Cheah (CheeK)
Produced byDavid Leong
Suat Yen Lim
  • Pierre Png
  • May Yee Lum
  • Catherine Sng
  • Gary Yuen
  • Kevin Murphy
  • Kelvin Ng
  • Su Ching Teh
  • Wui Seng Cheong
  • Irene Ong
  • Weng Kee Lee
  • Gary Loh
  • Jo Jo Struys
  • Randall Tan
  • Zalina Abdul Hamid
  • Mohan Sachden
CinematographyDaniel Low
Edited byLawrence Ng
Release date
  • November 16, 2000 (2000-11-16)
Running time
100 min
LanguageCantonese / English

Chicken Rice War is a Singaporean romantic comedy film released in 2000 by Raintree Pictures. It is an adaptation of Romeo and Juliet in a Singaporean setting,[1] where fierce competition between rival chicken rice hawkers resulted in bitter enmity. The old feud between chicken rice hawker families' stand in the way of their young offspring who fell for one another.


Chicken Rice War is loosely based on William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. In this movie the Montagues and Capulets are represented by the families Wong and Chan. Both families run Chicken Rice stalls side by side in the same market, something that the authorities say is impossible, since it is not allowed. The underlying conflict is about the secret family recipes that has been kept secret for generations, but apart from that nobody really knows what the fight is about.

Audrey Chan is a beautiful, vain and spoilt girl who is the most popular girl in school. Fenson Wong is an insecure young man with a stutter who, of course, is madly in love with Audrey. Their only common interest is Shakespeare and the version of Romeo and Juliet that they are setting up at school. When Fenson gets the chance to replace Audrey's beautiful but dim boyfriend as Romeo he starts seriously dreaming about capturing Audrey's heart.


Pierre Png ... Fenson Wong
May Yee Lum ... Audrey Chan
Catherine Sng ... Wong Ku
Gary Yuen ... Vincent Chan
Kevin Murphy ... Leon Deli
Kelvin Ng ... Sydney Wong
Su Ching Teh ... Penelope Chan
Wui Seng Cheong ... Wong Terr
Irene Ong ... Wendy Chan
Weng Kee Lee ... Chan Tick
Gary Loh ... Muscle Mike
Jo Jo Struys ... Cheryl
Randall Tan ... Nick Carter
Zalina Abdul Hamid ... Fat Lady
Mohan Sachden ... Muthiah
Alias Kadir ... Ahmad
Edmund L. Smith ... Mr. Pillay
Paul Tan ... TV presenter
Tanya Chua ... Herself
Jonathan Lim ... Hugo A Go Goh
Uttsada Panichkul ... Himself
Kevin Poh ... Capulet
Jamie Yeo ... Herself



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