Chicken lollipop

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Chicken lollipop
Chicken lollipop in Goa.jpg
A platter of chicken lollipops, with spicy dipping sauce, served in Goa, India
Course Hors d'oeuvre
Place of origin India
Main ingredients Chicken wings, batter
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Chicken lollipop is an hors d'oeuvre popular in Indian Chinese cuisine. Chicken lollipop is, essentially a frenched chicken winglet, where in the meat is cut loose from the bone end and pushed down creating a lollipop appearance. It is usually served hot with Szechuan sauce.[1]


Chicken lollipop is usually prepared using the middle segment of the chicken wing or thigh. The middle segment has one of the two bones removed, and the flesh on the segments is pushed to one end of the bone. These are then coated in a spicy red batter whose main ingredients include red chili powder, and turmeric.[2] The coated chicken is then marinated for a couple of hours. The marinated chicken is usually deep fried in oil, but another well-known choice includes baking. The bone end of the chicken lollipop is sometimes wrapped with an aluminium foil.

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