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Chicken patty
Freshly baked Chicken patties.jpg
Freshly baked chicken patties for sale at a bakery in Karachi, Pakistan
Type Snack
Place of origin Karachi, Pakistan
Main ingredients Chicken
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A chicken patty may refer to one of several chicken-based dishes.

In national cuisines[edit]


A variety filling of the baked puff pastry-type Haitian patty; made with seasoned chicken in its filling instead of the common seasoned beef. Haitian patties are popular for their large assortment of savory fillings, which extends to fish (cod fish, herring), turkey, and pulled pork.[1]


A variant of the Jamaican patty that includes seasoned chicken in its filling instead of seasoned beef.[2][3]


A Pakistani bakery staple which is prepared by encasing seasoned chicken in puff pastry. The chicken filling may be shredded or ground and the seasoning usually contains salt, pepper, and garlic. Chicken patties are round in shape to distinguish them from beef patties which are typically rectangular, and vegetable patties which are usually triangular.[4][5][6][7] Pakistan patties are served with chutney.

United Kingdom[edit]

[dubious ]

A breaded patty of meat commonly eaten in Britain.[8]

United States[edit]

A US Navy Mess Management Specialist moves chicken patties from a baking pan to a serving dish

A breaded patty of meat commonly eaten in North America[9] on a bun[10][11][12][13] and are occasionally prepared with soy products.[14] Chicken patties served in school lunch rooms and cafeterias have been part of several dietary assessments regarding nutrition content of school meals.[15] This patty was introduced by Tyson Foods as a value-added product concept in the 1970s.[16][17] The USDA considers chicken patties as a food commodity.[18]


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