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Chicklet or Chiclet can refer to:

  • Chicle, a gum from Manilkara chicle trees
  • Chiclets, a brand of candy, a chewing gum, which includes chicle as an ingredient
    • Slang for teeth, evoked by the plain white color and rounded rectangular shape of the candy
    • Slang for cocaine, derived from the white color of the drug
  • Chiclet keyboard, characterised by small, "Chiclet" sized and shaped keys, named after the candy.
  • Chicklet, traditional term for young chicken or young bird
  • Chiclet, a small icon adjacent to a blog post, article or web page to indicate the availability of an RSS feed, or to allow users to share the information via social media
  • Chiclet, an upper right hand corner button for configuring toolbars of some Aqua windows on Mac OS X
  • Chiclet, slang term for some electronic article surveillance tags
  • Michael Chiclets, nickname of American actor Michael Chiklis
  • Chicklet or Chiclet, United States Department of Defense method for tracking duty schedules

See also[edit]

  • Chick Lit, a genre of contemporary fiction popular in the last thirty years, exemplified by Bridget Jones' Diary