Chicoloapan de Juárez

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Chicoloapan de Juárez
Town & Municipality
Coordinates: 19°24′55″N 98°54′04″W / 19.41528°N 98.90111°W / 19.41528; -98.90111
Country  Mexico
State State of Mexico
Municipal Status 1822
 • Municipal President Andrés Aguirre Romero (2013-2015)
Elevation (of seat) 2,250 m (7,380 ft)
Population (2010) Municipality
 • Municipality 175,053
 • Seat 168,591
Time zone Central (US Central) (UTC-6)
 • Summer (DST) Central (UTC-5)
Postal code (of seat) 56370

Chicoloapan de Juárez is the municipal seat and largest city in the municipality of Chicoloapan in State of Mexico, Mexico. It is located in the eastern part of the state, just east of Chimalhuacán and northeast of the Federal District (Distrito Federal), within the Greater Mexico City urban area.

The city[edit]

It had a 2005 census population of 168,591 inhabitants, or over 99 percent of its municipality's total of 170,035.

The municipality[edit]

As municipal seat, Chicoloapan de Juárez has governing jurisdiction over the following communities:

  • Barrio San Patricio
  • Buenavista (Xolcuango)
  • Ejido de Chicoloapan (Centro Turístico Ejidal)
  • Ejido La Copalera
  • La Noria
  • Loma de Guadalupe
  • Loma San Pedro
  • Pozo Número Cuatro (San Juan)
  • Pozo Número Dos (La Campana)
  • Pozo Número Seis (La Longaniza)
  • Pozo Número Uno (La Trinidad)
  • Rancho Coronel Baena (La Cabañita)
  • Rancho la Cabaña
  • San Pablo Escalerillas

The municipality has an area of 60.89 km² (23.51 sq mi).

Mass media[edit]

The government has a website where information about its activities through newsletters. Most public and private high schools have websites.

As for secondary or primary, only a few individuals have this service.

The city has, since 2006, a community portal which generates collaborative contents such as news, photos, radio and TV programs online. The portal is an initiative of civil society independent from the local government, the religion or the political party. In 2010 it received the UVM Social Development[1] Award for its commitment to the dissemination of community activities to build the social fabric.[2]



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Coordinates: 19°25′N 98°54′W / 19.417°N 98.900°W / 19.417; -98.900