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Chief Electoral Officer of Canada
Stéphane Perrault (Acting)

since January 1, 2017
Elections Canada
Appointer Parliament of Canada
Term length 10 years
(as of 2014)
Constituting instrument Dominion Elections Act
Formation 1920
First holder Oliver Mowat Biggar
Deputy Deputy Chief Electoral Officers
Broadcasting Arbitrator

The Chief Electoral Officer of Canada (French: Directeur général des élections du Canada) is the person responsible for the administration of elections, referenda and other aspects of the electoral system in Canada. The position was established in 1920 under the Dominion Elections Act to be the chief executive of the independent agency now known as Elections Canada.[1]

The Chief Electoral Officer is assisted in carrying out their mandate by the Assistant Chief Electoral Officer and the Broadcasting Arbitrator who ensures that the provisions of the Canada Elections Act and the Canada Referendum Act are carried out, and the Commissioner of Canada Elections who enforces the Act. Neither the Chief Electoral Officer nor the Assistant Chief Electoral Officer may vote in a general election, the only resident Canadian citizens 18 years of age or older who are not permitted to vote.

Stéphane Perrault was appointed Chief Electoral Officer for Elections Canada on June 8, 2018, after having served as Acting Chief Electoral Officer from December 2016 to June 2018[2]. Perrault will hold this position for a 10 year term.[3]

Former Chief Electoral Officers[edit]

  1. Oliver Mowat Biggar (1920–1927)
  2. Jules Castonguay (1927–1949)
  3. Nelson Jules Castonguay (1949–1966)
  4. Jean-Marc Hamel (1966–1990)
  5. Jean-Pierre Kingsley (1990–2007)
  6. Marc Mayrand (2007–2016)


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