Chief Government Whip (Ontario)

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The Chief Government Whip of Ontario is the member of the government responsible for ensuring that members of the governing party attend and vote in the provincial Legislature as the party leadership desires.

The current Chief Government Whip is Jim Bradley of the Ontario Liberal Party.

List of whips[edit]

Name Duration Party
Bud Gregory 1981-1983 Progressive Conservative
Robert G. Eaton 1983–85 Progressive Conservative
Alan Robinson 1985 (February–May) Progressive Conservative
Robert C. Mitchell 1985 (May–June) Progressive Conservative
Joan Smith 1985–87 Liberal
Doug Reycraft 1987–89 Liberal
Joan Smith 1989–90 Liberal
Shirley Coppen 1990–93 New Democratic
Fred Wilson 1993–95 New Democratic
David Turnbull 1995–99 Progressive Conservative
Frank Klees 1999–2001 Progressive Conservative
Gary Stewart 2001–02 Progressive Conservative
John Baird 2002 Progressive Conservative
Doug Galt 2002–03 Progressive Conservative
Dave Levac 2003–07 Liberal
Mike Colle 2007-2010 Liberal
Jeff Leal 2011-2013 Liberal
Donna Cansfield 2013 Liberal
Kevin Flynn 2013-2014 Liberal
Bob Delaney 2014–2015 Liberal
Marie-France Lalonde 2015–2016 Liberal
Jim Bradley 2016–present Liberal