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Supreme Court building, Nicosia

The Chief Justice of Cyprus was the head of the Supreme Court of Cyprus.

The administration of Cyprus was taken over by the British government, following the Russo-Turkish War, under the Convention of 4 June 1878. Charles Alfred Cookson was appointed in that year as Chief Justice and Attorney General. Following the outbreak of hostilities between the two countries in 1914 the island was annexed to the British crown. The country became independent on 16 August 1960.[1]

The Supreme Court of Cyprus was established in 1883.

List of Chief Justices of Cyprus[edit]

Incumbent Portrait Tenure Notes
Took office Left office
Sir Elliot Charles Bovill Sir Elliot Bovill, Illustrated London News (6 May 1893).jpg 1883 1890 Later Chief Justice of Straits Settlements, 1892
Sir William James Smith[2] 1892 1897 Afterwards Chief Justice of British Guiana, 1897
Sir Joseph Turner Hutchinson Sir J. T. Hutchinson.PNG 1898 1906 Afterwards Chief Justice of Ceylon, 1906
Sir Charles Robert Tyser [3] 1906 1919
Sir Stanley Fisher Sir Stanley Fisher c. 1924.jpg 1920 1924 Afterwards Chief Justice of Trinidad and Tobago, 1924
Sir Sidney Charles Nettleton 1924 1927 Afterwards Chief Justice of Gibraltar, 1927
Sir Charles Frederic Belcher Sir Charles Frederic Belcher c.1930.png 1927 1930 Afterwards Chief Justice of Trinidad and Tobago, 1930
Sir Herbert Cecil Stronge 1931 1938
Sir Bernard Arthur Crean[4] 1938 1943
Sir Edward St. John Jackson 1943 1952
Sir Eric Hallinan 1952 1957
Sir Paget John Bourke[5] 1957 1961 Later President of the Court of Appeal of the Bahamas, 1970


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