Chief Justice of New Brunswick

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The Chief Justice of the Province of New Brunswick, Canada holds the highest office within the Province's judicial system. He/she is part of the Court of Appeal, the highest court in the Province which includes five other judges plus any former judge of the Court of Appeal who is a supernumerary judge and any former Chief Justice of New Brunswick who is a judge or a supernumerary judge.

The Court of Appeal generally sits in the Province's capital, Fredericton.

Based on the recommendation of the Premier of New Brunswick, the Governor General in Council appoints the Chief Justice and the other judges to the Court of Appeal.

Historical list of Chief Justices of New Brunswick:

Minister Term
George D. Ludlow 1784–1808
Jonathan Bliss 1809–1822
John Saunders 1822–1834
Ward Chipman 1834–1851
Sir James Carter 1851–1865
Robert Parker 1865–1865
William J. Ritchie 1865–1875
Sir John C. Allen 1875–1896
William H. Tuck 1896–1908
Frederick E. Barker 1908–1913
Ezekiel McLeod 1914–1917
Sir J. Douglas Hazen 1917–1935
John B. M. Baxter 1935–1946
Charles D. Richards 1946–1955
John B. McNair 1955–1964
George F. B. Bridges 1964–1972
Charles J. A. Hughes 1972–1984
Stuart G. Stratton 1984–1992
William L. Hoyt 1993–1998
Joseph Daigle 1998–2003
J. Ernest Drapeau 2003 – present