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The Chief Minister of Montserrat was the head of government of Montserrat, an island in the Caribbean that is an overseas territory of the United Kingdom, appointed by the Governor of Montserrat on behalf of Queen Elizabeth II, Montserrat's head of state. The last Chief Minister of Montserrat was Reuben Meade of the Movement for Change and Prosperity. The chief minister was appointed by the governor from among the members of the Legislative Council. His cabinet, the Executive Council, is appointed by the governor from among the elected members of the Legislative Council and consists of the chief minister, the attorney-general, the financial secretary and three other ministers.[1]

On 13 October 2010, the Queen approved the Montserrat Constitution Order 2010, which replaced the office of Chief Minister with the office of Premier. The first premier was the chief minister in office on the date the Order came into force.[2] A Cabinet replaced the Executive Council and consists of the premier, the attorney-general, the financial secretary, and three other ministers.[3] One of the Cabinet members aside from the Premier must be appointed Deputy Premier to act as Premier when the latter office is vacant or when the Premier is absent from Montserrat.

List of Chief Ministers of Montserrat[edit]

Incumbent Tenure Political Affiliation
Took Office Left Office
William Henry Bramble January 1960 December 1970 Montserrat Labour Party
Percival Austin Bramble December 1970 November 1978 Progressive Democratic Party
John Osborne November 1978 10 October 1991 People's Liberation Movement (1st term)
Reuben Meade 10 October 1991 13 November 1996 National Progressive Party (1st term)
Bertrand Osborne 13 November 1996 22 August 1997 Movement for National Reconstruction
David Brandt 22 August 1997 5 April 2001 Non-partisan
John Osborne 5 April 2001 2 June 2006 New People's Liberation Movement (2nd term)
Lowell Lewis 2 June 2006 10 September 2009 Montserrat Democratic Party
Reuben Meade 10 September 2009 27 September 2011 Movement for Change and Prosperity (2nd term)

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