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A Chief Digital Officer (CDO) is an individual who helps a company, a government organisation or a city drive growth by converting traditional "analog" businesses to digital ones, and oversees operations in the rapidly changing digital sectors like mobile applications, social media and related applications, virtual goods, as well as "wild" web-based information management and marketing.[1]


The responsibilities of an organization's CDO are varied and still evolving.[2] The CDO is not only a digital expert,[3] but may also be a seasoned general manager. As the role frequently is transformational, CDOs generally are responsible for the adoption of digital technologies across a business.[4] As with most senior executive titles, the responsibilities are set by the organization's board of directors or other authority, depending on the organization's legal structure. The CDO is responsible not just for digital consumer experiences across all business touch points, but also for the whole process of digital transformation.[5][6]

The CDO's responsibilities are to devise and execute social strategies that grow brand loyalty and advocacy on social networks by:[7]

  • Determining who and where the influencers are
  • Empowering the influencers with tools to drive the message and brand across the community
  • Listening to the community, engaging in bi-directional dialogue with customers

Examples of Companies Where Chief Digital Officers Have Been Installed[edit]

Some of the longer-tenured and/or high profile chief digital officers in place today include:

  • Aviva: Andrew Brem
  • BET Networks: Kay Madati
  • Capgemini Consulting : Cyril Garcia
  • CVS: Brian Tilzer
  • Hill Holliday: Adam Cahill
  • L'Oreal: Lubomira Rochet
  • McDonald's: Atif Rafiq
  • Meredith: Andy Wilson
  • Starbucks: Adam Brotman[8]
  • Triature : Manveer Malhi
  • The White House: Jason Goldman[9]


According to a study by Gartner, a predicted 25% of businesses will have created and filled the Chief Digital Officer title by 2015.[10]

Organizational Structure[edit]

More and more, CDOs are being given seats on their company's board of directors and are often just a seat or two away from being the CEO.[11]

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