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Chief of the Air Staff of the Pakistan Air Force
Pakistani Air Force Ensign.svg
Air Chief Marshal Sohail Aman

since 19 March 2015
Formation 15 August 1947
First holder Air Vice Marshal Allan Perry-Keene (as Air Force C-in-C)
Website Pakistan Air Force

The Chief of the Air Staff of the Pakistan Air Force, abbreviated as CAS, is typically the highest ranking 4-star rank officer in the Pakistan Air Force, unless a four-star officer is appointed as the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee. The CAS is a senior and permanent member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee. The CAS heads the Air Staff of the Air Force and reports directly to the President of Pakistan and Prime Minister of Pakistan. Under the authority of the President, the CAS is responsible for the organisation, training, and equipping of Reserve and civilian forces serving in the Pakistan Air Force and overseas. The CAS also allocates Air Force personnel and resources to the subordinate commanders of the Air Force. Constitutionally, the CAS is subordinated to the President and the Prime Minister and reports directly to the civilian leadership.

The CAS is appointed by the President on the recommendation of the Prime Minister. The appointment does not require the Senate Secretariat's confirmation. By statute, the CAS is the equivalent of a four-star general and holds the rank of Air Chief Marshal.

As of March 19, 2015 the Chief of the Air Staff is Air Chief Marshal Sohail Aman.

Chief of Air Staff of Pakistan[edit]

# Name Rank Photo Appointment Date Left Office Decorations

Commander in Chief of the Royal Pakistan Air Force (C in C)

1. Allan Perry-Keene Air Vice Marshal 15 August 1947 17 February 1949 CB, OBE
2 Richard Atcherley Air Vice Marshal Air Vice Marshal R L Atcherley.jpg 18 February 1949 6 May 1951 CB, CBE, AFC
3 Leslie William Cannon Air Vice Marshal 7 May 1951 19 June 1955 CB, CBE
4 Arthur McDonald Air Vice Marshal 20 June 1955 22 July 1957 CB AFC

Commander-in-Chief of the Pakistan Air Force (C in C)

5 Asghar Khan Air Marshal Air Marshal Asghar Khan.jpg 23 July 1957 22 July 1965 HPk, HQA
6 Nur Khan Air Marshal Noor khan.jpg 23 July 1965 31 August 1969 HJ, HS, HQA, SPk
7 Abdul Rahim Khan Air Marshal A.Rahim Khan.jpg 1 September 1969 2 March 1972 HJ, HQA, SPk, SBt

Chief of the Air Staff of Pakistan Air Force (CAS)

8 Zafar Chaudhry Air Marshal 3 March 1972 15 April 1974 SQA
9 Zulfiqar Ali Khan Air Chief Marshal 16 April 1974 22 July 1978 NI(M)
10 Anwar Shamim Air Chief Marshal MAS10.jpg 23 July 1978 5 March 1985 NI(M), SJ
11 Jamal A. Khan Air Chief Marshal 6 March 1985 8 March 1988 NI(M), SJ, SBt
12 Hakimullah Air Chief Marshal 9 March 1988 9 March 1991 NI(M), SJ, SBt
13 Farooq Feroze Khan Air Chief Marshal 9 March 1991 8 November 1994 NI(M), SBt
14 Abbas Khattak Air Chief Marshal 8 November 1994 7 November 1997 NI(M), SBt
15 Parvaiz Mehdi Qureshi Air Chief Marshal 7 November 1997 20 November 2000 NI(M), SBt
16 Mushaf Ali Mir Air Chief Marshal Mushaf-Ali-Mir.jpg 20 November 2000 20 February 2003 NI(M), SBt
17 Kaleem Saadat Air Chief Marshal 18 March 2003 18 March 2006 NI(M)
18 Tanvir Mahmood Ahmed Air Chief Marshal 18 March 2006 18 March 2009 NI(M), SBt
19 Rao Qamar Suleman Air Chief Marshal 19 March 2009 19 March 2012 NI(M), SBt
20 Tahir Rafique Butt Air Chief Marshal 19 March 2012 19 March 2015 NI(M), TBt
21 Sohail Aman Air Chief Marshal Sohail Aman.JPG 19 March 2015 Present NI(M)

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