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Chief of the Naval Staff
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US Navy 090720-N-8053S-068 French Rear Adm. Alain Hinden, left, shakes hands with Pakistan Navy Rear Adm. Muhammad Zakaullah at the Combined Task Force (CTF) 150 change of command ceremony.jpg
Admiral Muhammad Zakaullah

since 2 October 2014
Formation 15 August 1947
First holder Admiral James Wilfred Jefford (as C-in-C of Pakistan Navy)
Website Pakistan Navy

The Chief of the Naval Staff, abbreviated as CNS, is the highest-ranking officer in the Pakistani Navy unless a 4-star naval officer is appointed as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee. The current Chief of the Naval Staff is Admiral Mohammad Zakaullah who took over on 8 October 2014. The CNS reports to the President of Pakistan, as the President is the head of the state. The CNS is responsible for the command of the Navy, utilization of resources, and operations of the Navy and for naval shore activities.

The CNS is the naval advisor to the Prime Minister of Pakistan and President of Pakistan and advises the civilian leadership on matters of naval operations and the conduct of naval warfare. The Chief of the Naval Staff is appointed by the President after consultation with the Prime Minister. A requirement for being Chief of the Naval Staff is having significant experience in joint duty assignments, which includes at least one full tour of duty in a joint duty assignment as a flag officer. By statute, the CNS is a 4-star Admiral and serves as a principal member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee.

List of Chiefs of the Naval Staff[edit]

The following is a list of Admirals who have served as the either Commander-in-Chief or the Chief of the Naval Staff of the Pakistan Navy.

No. Name Rank Photo Appointment Date Left Office Decorations

Naval Commander-in-Chief, Royal Pakistan Navy (RN Rear-Admiral)

1 James Wilfred Jefford Rear-Admiral 15 August 1947 30 January 1953

Naval Commander-in-Chief, Pakistan Navy (3-star Vice-Admirals)

2 Haji Mohammad Siddiq Choudri Vice-Admiral 31 January 1953 28 February 1959 HPk, MBE
3 Afzal Rahman Khan Vice-Admiral 1 March 1959 20 October 1966 HPk, HJ, HQA
4 Syed Mohammad Ahsan Vice-Admiral 20 October 1966 31 August 1969 HQA, SPk, DSC
5 Muzaffar Hassan Vice-Admiral 1 September 1969 22 December 1971 HQA, SPk

Chief of Naval Staff (CNS) of Pakistan Navy (4-star Admirals,including one 3-star admiral)

6 Hasan Hafeez Ahmed Vice-Admiral 3 March 1972 9 March 1975 TQA
7 Mohammad Shariff Admiral 23 March 1975 21 March 1979 HJ, NI, SJ
8 Karamat Rahman Niazi Admiral 22 March 1979 23 March 1983 NI(M), SJ
9 Tariq Kamal Khan Admiral 23 March 1983 9 April 1986 NI(M)
10 Iftikhar Ahmed Sirohey Admiral 9 April 1986 9 November 1988 NI(M), SBt
11 Yastur-ul-Haq Malik Admiral 10 November 1988 8 November 1991 NI(M), SBt
12 Saeed Mohammad Khan Admiral 9 November 1991 9 November 1994 NI(M), SBt
13 Mansurul Haq Admiral (stripped off) 10 November 1994 1 May 1997 (NI(M), SBt) (stripped off)
14 Fasih Bokhari Admiral 2 May 1997 2 October 1999 NI(M), SBt
15 Abdul Aziz Mirza Admiral 2 October 1999 2 October 2002 NI(M), SBt
16 Shahid Karimullah Admiral 3 October 2002 6 October 2005 NI(M), SJ
17 Muhammad Afzal Tahir Admiral AfzalTahir.jpg 7 October 2005 7 October 2008 NI(M)
18 Noman Bashir Admiral Noman Bashir 2010.jpg 7 October 2008 7 October 2011 NI(M)
19 Muhammad Asif Sandila Admiral Admiral Asif Sandila - Chief of Naval Staff (Pakistan Navy).jpg 4 October 2011 3 October 2014 NI(M)
20 Muhammad Zakaullah Admiral 4 October 2014 Present NI(M)

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