Chief of Safety of the United States Air Force

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Chief of Safety of the
United States Air Force
Air Force Safety Center.png
Maj Gen Gregory A. Feest

since 1 September 2010
Formation 31 December 1971
Website Official Website

The Chief of Safety of the United States Air Force is the commanding officer of the U.S. Air Force Safety Center. The current Chief of Safety is Major General Gregory A. Feest.

U.S. Air Force Chiefs of Safety[edit]

Name Photo Term began Term ended
1. Brig Gen James L. Cole, Jr. James L Cole Jr.jpg May 1991
2. Brig Gen Orin L. Godsey Orin L Godsey.jpg Jan 1996 June 1997
3. Maj Gen Francis C. Gideon, Jr. Francis C Gideon Jr.jpg June 1997 June 2000
4. Maj Gen Timothy A. Peppe Timothy A Peppe.jpg June 2000 30 April 2002
5. Maj Gen Kenneth W. Hess Kenneth W Hess.jpg 1 June 2002 1 July 2004
6. Maj Gen Maurice L. McFann, Jr. Maurice L McFann Jr.jpg 2 July 2004 27 July 2006
7. Maj Gen Stanley Gorenc Stanley Gorenc.jpg 28 July 2006 1 July 2007
8. Maj Gen Wendell L. Griffin WendellGriffin.jpg 30 July 2007 1 January 2009
9. Maj Gen Frederick F. Roggero FrederickRoggero.jpg 13 January 2009 1 September 2010
10. Maj Gen Margaret H. Woodward Woodward mh4.jpg September 2012 June 2013
11. Maj Gen Gregory A. Feest GregFeest.jpg June 2013 Incumbent

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