Chief of Staff of the French Navy

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Chief of Staff of the French Navy
Chef d'État-Major de la Marine
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Logo of the French Navy
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Amiral Bernard Rogel.jpg
Admiral Bernard Rogel

since 12 September 2011
French Navy
Member of Chiefs of Staff Committee
Reports to Minister of Defence
Chief of the Defence Staff
Seat Paris, France
Nominator Minister of Defence
Appointer President of the Republic
Require Prime Minister's countersignature
Term length No fixed term
Formation 1892
First holder Alfred Gervais

The Chief of the Staff of the French Navy (French: Chef d'État-Major de la Marine, CEMM) is the head of the French Navy and responsible to the Minister of Defence for its preparation and deployment.

As a naval expert, he assists:

He has authority over:

  • the commanders of each of the naval wings:
  • the territorial organization of the navy : préfets maritime and commandants de la marine, in mainland France and overseas
  • the following services and organizations :
    • direction du personnel militaire de la marine (DPMM)
    • direction centrale du commissariat de la marine (DCCM)
    • direction centrale des systèmes d'information de la marine (DCSIM)
    • direction centrale du service de soutien de la flotte (DCSSF)
    • direction centrale des travaux immobiliers et maritimes (DCTIM)
    • naval aeronautical service
  • over the état-major de la marine who oversees, through his four divisions (human resources, planning, programmes and logistical operations), the general direction of the navy.

He presides over the board of directors of the hydrographic and oceanographic service of the navy (SHOM).

Chefs d’état-major de la marine[edit]

List to 2008[1]

From 26 August 1939 to 6 June 1943 the structure of the Frency Navy did not include an Etat-Major Général

Equivalent roles[edit]


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