Chief of the Cabinet of Ministers

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Chief of the Cabinet of Ministers of Argentina
Anibal Fernandez03.jpg
Aníbal Fernández

since 26 February 2015
Inaugural holder Eduardo Bauzá
Formation 1995
Website Official site

The Chief of the Cabinet of Ministers is a political office of Argentina, created by the 1994 amendment of the Argentine Constitution. The current office holder is Aníbal Fernández.


The attributions of the Chief of the Cabinet of Ministers are established by the articles 100 and 101 of the Constitution of Argentina.[1] Most of his duties are related to organize the work of the other Ministers, or to its intermediary role between the Executive Power and the Argentine National Congress.

List of Chiefs of the Cabinet of Ministers[edit]

Chief of the Cabinet of Ministers President Years
Eduardo Bauzá Carlos Menem 1995–1996
Jorge Rodríguez 1996–1999
Rodolfo Terragno Fernando de la Rúa 1999–2000
Chrystian Colombo 2000–2001
Humberto Schiavoni Ramón Puerta 2001
Luis Lusquiños Adolfo Rodríguez Saá 2001
Antonio Cafiero Eduardo Camaño 2001–2002
Jorge Capitanich Eduardo Duhalde 2002
Alfredo Atanasof 2002–2003
Alberto Fernández Néstor Kirchner 2003–2007
Cristina Fernández 2007–2008
Sergio Massa 2008–2009
Aníbal Fernández 2009–2011
Juan Manuel Abal Medina 2011–2013
Jorge Capitanich 2013–2015
Aníbal Fernández 2015–present


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