Chief of the General Staff (Armenia)

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Chief of the General Staff of Armenian Armed Forces
ՀՀ Զինված ուժերի Գլխավոր շտաբի պետ
Armmil zinanshan.jpg
Emblem of the Armed Forces
Artak Davtyan.jpg
Artak Davtyan

since 24 May 2018
Ministry of Defence of Armenia
TypeMilitary department
Member ofGeneral Staff of Armenian Armed Forces
Reports toDavid Tonoyan, Minister of Defense
AppointerPresident of Armenia
Term lengthNo fixed term
Constituting instrumentConstitution of Armenia
First holderGurgen Dalibaltayan
WebsiteMinistry of Defense of Armenia

The Chief of the General Staff of Armenian Armed Forces (Armenian: ՀՀ Զինված ուժերի Գլխավոր շտաբի պետ) is the highest-ranking military officer of in the Armenian Armed Forces, who is responsible for maintaining the operational command of the military and its three major branches.[1]

List of Chiefs[edit]

No. Name Took office Left office Time in office
Gurgen Dalibaltayan
Dalibaltayan, GurgenColonel general
Gurgen Dalibaltayan
199119920–1 years
Norat Ter-Grigoryants
Ter-Grigoryants, NoratLieutenant general
Norat Ter-Grigoryants
(born 1936)
10 August 199219930–1 years
Hrachya Andreasyan [ru]
Andreasyan, HrachyaLieutenant general
Hrachya Andreasyan [ru]
199312 May 19940–1 years
Mikael Harutyunyan
Harutyunyan, MikaelColonel general
Mikael Harutyunyan
(born 1946)
12 May 199424 April 200712 years, 347 days
Seyran Ohanyan
Ohanyan, SeyranColonel general
Seyran Ohanyan
(born 1962)
11 May 200714 April 2008339 days
Yuri Khatchaturov
Khatchaturov, YuriColonel general
Yuri Khatchaturov
(born 1952)
14 April 20083 September 20168 years, 142 days
Movses Hakobyan
Hakobyan, MovsesLieutenant general
Movses Hakobyan
(born 1965)
3 September 201624 May 20181 year, 263 days
Artak Davtyan
Davtyan, ArtakLieutenant general
Artak Davtyan
(born 1970)
24 May 2018Incumbent1 year, 240 days

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