Chief of the General Staff (Turkmenistan)

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Chief of the General Staff of Turkmen Armed Forces
Roundel of Turkmenistan.svg
Roundel of the Armed Forces
Ismail Ismailov.jpeg
Major General Ismail Ismailov

since March 29, 2011
Ministry of Defence of Turkmenistan
TypeMilitary department
Member ofGeneral Staff of Turkmen Armed Forces
Reports toMajor General Begench Gundogdyev, Minister of Defense
AppointerPresident of Turkmenistan
Term lengthNo fixed term
Constituting instrumentConstitution of Turkmenistan
First holderMajor General Annamurat Soltanov

The Chief of the General Staff of Turkmen Armed Forces is the highest-ranking military officer of in the Armed Forces of Turkmenistan, who is responsible for maintaining the operational command of the military and its three major branches. The Chief of the General Staff represents the entire Turkmen military and is in command of the leaders of the Turkmen National Guard, Turkmen Ground Forces, Turkmen Air Force, Turkmen Air Defense Forces, Turkmen Navy and the Turkmen Border Troops.

List of Chiefs[edit]

No. Name Took office Left office Time in office Ref
Annamurat Soltanov
Soltanov, AnnamuratMajor General
Annamurat Soltanov
(born 1943)
199411 February 19972–3 years.
Akmurad Mulkamanov
Mulkamanov, AkmuradMajor General
Akmurad Mulkamanov
11 February 199717 September 19981 year, 218 days.
Serdar Charyyarov
Charyyarov, SerdarLieutenant General
Serdar Charyyarov
17 September 199826 May 20034 years, 251 days[1]
Rejepgeldy Nursakhatov
Nursakhatov, RejepgeldyMajor General
Rejepgeldy Nursakhatov
26 May 200323 February 2004273 days.
Mohammedkuli Atabaev
Atabaev, MohammedkuliLieutenant General
Mohammedkuli Atabaev
23 February 20045 November 20095 years, 255 days.
Begench Gundogdyev
Gundogdyev, BegenchMajor General
Begench Gundogdyev
5 November 200929 March 20111 year, 144 days[2][3]
Ismail Ismailov
Ismailov, IsmailMajor General
Ismail Ismailov
29 March 2011Incumbent8 years, 296 days[4]

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