List of Chief Rabbis of the United Hebrew Congregations

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The following list of Chief Rabbis of the United Kingdom gives information regarding the Chief Rabbi of the mainstream majority Orthodox Ashkenazi community of the United Kingdom, and various other Orthodox communities located within the Commonwealth of Nations. The Chief Rabbi's full title is the "Chief Rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregations of the Commonwealth".


Image Name Term Title Notes Reason for termination
1 Chief Rabbi Aaron Hart.jpg Aaron Hart 1704 – 1756 Rabbi of the Great Synagogue Died in office
2 HartLyon.jpg Hart Lyon 1758 – 1764 Rabbi of the Great Synagogue Resigned
3 Schiff.jpg Tevele Schiff 1765 – 1766 Chief Rabbi Rabbi appointed by
the Great Synagogue
4 No image.svg Meshullam Solomon 1765 – 1780 Chief Rabbi Appointed in opposition
by Hambro and the
New Synagogues;
return to Hamburg
confirmed the primacy
of David Tevele Schiff
5 Schiff.jpg Tevele Schiff 1780 – 1791 Chief Rabbi Died in office
1791 – 1802 Post vacant
6 Solomon Hirschell.jpg Solomon Hirschell 1802 – 1842 Chief Rabbi Died in office
7 NathanMarcusAdler.jpg Nathan Marcus Adler 1845 – 1890 Chief Rabbi
8 WP Hermann Adler.jpg Hermann Adler 1891 – 1911 Chief Rabbi Appointed
delegate Chief Rabbi
in 1879 due to failing
health of his father
9 Joseph Hertz (FL12337875).jpg Joseph Hertz 1913 – 1946 Chief Rabbi Died in office
10 Israel Brodie 1948 – 1965 Chief Rabbi Retired
11 Immanuel Jakobovits.jpg Immanuel Jakobovits 1966 – 1991 Chief Rabbi knighted 1981
life peer 1988
12 Sirjonathansacks.jpg Jonathan Sacks 1991 – 2013 Chief Rabbi knighted 2005
life peer 2009
13 Ephraim Mirvis March 2015.jpg Ephraim Mirvis 2013 – present Chief Rabbi Currently serving

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