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A Chief Security Officer (CSO) is a corporation's top executive who is responsible for security of personnel, physical assets and information in both physical and digital form. The importance of this position has increased in the age of information technology as it has become easier to steal sensitive company information.

The CSO generally serves as the business leader responsible for the development, implementation and management of the organization’s corporate security vision, strategy and programs. They direct staff in identifying, developing, implementing and maintaining security processes across the organization to reduce risks, respond to incidents, and limit exposure to liability in all areas of financial, physical, and personal risk; establish appropriate standards and risk controls associated with intellectual property; and direct the establishment and implementation of policies and procedures related to data security.

Digital (or IT) security is involved in physical security. At many companies the CSO also has responsibility for IT security; the term "Chief Information Security Officer" (CISO) is frequently used as an alternative. IT security typically addresses all the layers of an organization's technology stack. This includes:

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