Chiefdoms and sectors of the Democratic Republic of the Congo

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Chiefdoms and sectors of the Democratic Republic of the Congo are the fourth-level administrative divisions of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.


Aketi Territory[edit]

Ango Territory[edit]

Aru Territory[edit]

Bafwasende Territory[edit]

Bagata Territory[edit]

Bagira Territory[edit]

Bambesa Territory[edit]

Banalia Territory[edit]

Bandalungwa Territory[edit]

Bandoyi Territory[edit]

Barumbu Territory[edit]

Basankusu Territory[edit]

Basoko Territory[edit]

Befale Territory[edit]

Beni Territory[edit]

Bikoro Territory[edit]

Bipemba Territory[edit]

Boende Territory[edit]

Bokungu Territory[edit]

Bolobo Territory[edit]

Bolomba Territory[edit]

Bomongo Territory[edit]

Bongandanga Territory[edit]

Bondo Territory[edit]

Boso-Bolo Territory[edit]

Budjala Territory[edit]

Bukama Territory[edit]

Bukavu Territory[edit]

Bulungu Territory[edit]

Bumba Territory[edit]

Bumbu Territory[edit]

Businga Territory[edit]

Buta Territory[edit]

Dekese Territory[edit]

Demba Territory[edit]

Dibaya Territory[edit]

Dibindi Territory[edit]

Dilolo Territory[edit]

Dimbelenge Territory[edit]

Disasi Territory[edit]

Diulu Territory[edit]

Djolu Territory[edit]

Djugu Territory[edit]

Dungu Territory[edit]

Feshi Territory[edit]

Fizi Territory[edit]

Gbadolite Territory[edit]

Gemena Territory[edit]

Goma Territory[edit]

Gombe Territory[edit]

Gungu Territory[edit]

Ibanda Territory[edit]

Idiofa Territory[edit]

Idjwi Territory[edit]

Ikela Territory[edit]

Ilebo Territory[edit]

Ingende Territory[edit]

Inongo Territory[edit]

Irumu Territory[edit]

Isangi-Yanonge Territory[edit]

Kabalo Territory[edit]

Kabambare Territory[edit]

Kabare Territory[edit]

Kabeya-Kamwanga Territory[edit]

Kabinda Territory[edit]

Kabondo Territory[edit]

Kabongo Territory[edit]

Kadutu Territory[edit]

Kahemba Territory[edit]

Kalamu Territory[edit]

Kalehe Territory[edit]

Kalemie Territory[edit]

Kamboye Territory[edit]

Kamiji Territory[edit]

Kamina Territory[edit]

Kananga Territory[edit]

Kaniama Territory[edit]

Kanshi Territory[edit]

Kasa-Vubu Territory[edit]

Kasangulu Territory[edit]

Kasenga Territory[edit]

Kasongo Territory[edit]

Kasongo Lunda Territory[edit]

Katako-Kombe Territory[edit]

Katanda Territory[edit]

Katoka Territory[edit]

Kazamba Territory[edit]

Kazumba Territory[edit]

Kenge Territory[edit]

Kimbaseke Territory[edit]

Kimvula Territory[edit]

Kindu Territory[edit]

Kindu.Kailo Territory[edit]

Kinshasa Territory[edit]

Kipushi Territory[edit]

Kiri Territory[edit]

Kisangani Territory[edit]

Kisenso Territory[edit]

Kitambo Territory[edit]

Kole Territory[edit]

Kongolo Territory[edit]

Kungu Territory[edit]

Kutu Territory[edit]

Kwamouth Territory[edit]

Lemba Territory[edit]

Libao Territory[edit]

Libenge Territory[edit]

Likasi Territory[edit]

Limete Territory[edit]

Lingwala Territory[edit]

Lisala Territory[edit]

Lodja Territory[edit]

Lomela Territory[edit]

Lubefu Territory[edit]

Lubero Territory[edit]

Lubudi Territory[edit]

Lubumbashi Territory[edit]

Luebo Territory[edit]

Luiza Territory[edit]

Lukemi Territory[edit]

Lukolela Territory[edit]

Lukonga Territory[edit]

Lukula Territory[edit]

Luozi Territory[edit]

Lupatapata Territory[edit]

Lusambo Territory[edit]

Madimba Territory[edit]

Mahagi Territory[edit]

Makala Territory[edit]

Malemba-Nkulu Territory[edit]

Maluku Territory[edit]

Mambasa Territory[edit]

Mankanza Territory[edit]

Manono Territory[edit]

Masi-Manimba Territory[edit]

Masina Territory[edit]

Masisi Territory[edit]

Matadi Territory[edit]

Matete Territory[edit]

Mayoyo Territory[edit]

Mbadaka Territory[edit]

Mbanza-Ngungu Territory[edit]

Miabi Territory[edit]

Mitwaba Territory[edit]

Moanda Territory[edit]

Moba Territory[edit]

Mobayi-Mbongo Territory[edit]

Monkoto Territory[edit]

Mont-Ngafula Territory[edit]

Musadi Territory[edit]

Mushie Territory[edit]

Mutshatsha Territory[edit]

Muya Territory[edit]

Mvuzi Territory[edit]

Mweka Territory[edit]

Mwene-Ditu Territory[edit]

Mwenga Territory[edit]

Ndesha Territory[edit]

Ndjili Territory[edit]

Ngaba Territory[edit]

Ngaliema Territory[edit]

Ngandajika Territory[edit]

Nganza Territory[edit]

Ngiri-Ngiri Territory[edit]

Niangara Territory[edit]

Nsele Territory[edit]

Nyunzu Territory[edit]

Nzadi Territory[edit]

Nzanza Territory[edit]

Nzinda Territory[edit]

Opala Territory[edit]

Oshwe Territory[edit]

Pangi Territory[edit]

Poko Territory[edit]

Popokabaka Territory[edit]

Punia Territory[edit]

Pweto Territory[edit]

Rungu Territory[edit]

Rutshuru Territory[edit]

Sakania Territory[edit]

Sandoa Territory[edit]

Seke-Banza Territory[edit]

Selembao Territory[edit]

Shabunda Territory[edit]

Songololo Territory[edit]

Tshela Territory[edit]

Tshikapa Territory[edit]

Tshilenge Territory[edit]

Ubundu Territory[edit]

Uvira Territory[edit]

Walikale Territory[edit]

Walungu Territory[edit]

Wamba Territory[edit]

Wangata Territory[edit]

Watsa Territory[edit]

Yahuma Territory[edit]

Yakoma Territory[edit]

Yumbi Territory[edit]

Zongo Territory[edit]

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