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Chieli Minucci
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Background information
Birth nameGian Chieli Minucci
Born (1958-04-17) April 17, 1958 (age 62)
Huntington, New York, U.S.
GenresJazz, world fusion, smooth jazz, new age
Occupation(s)Musician, composer, producer
Years active1982–present
LabelsGRP, JVC, Shanachie, Keytone
Associated actsSpecial EFX

Chieli Minucci (born April 17, 1958)[1] is an American guitarist who co-founded the band Special EFX.[2]


His father, Ulpio Minucci, was a concert pianist and composer who wrote the music to the 1955 song "Domani."[3]

Chieli Minucci started Special EFX in 1982 with George Jinda, a drummer from Hungary.[4] The band combined rock, Latin rhythm, and smooth jazz.[5] When the duo separated in 1995, Jinda continued to perform under the name Special EFX.[4] After Jinda's death in 2001, Minucci performed under the name Chieli Minucci and Special EFX.[4] He recorded albums as a solo act, beginning in 1994 with Jewels.[5] He has worked as a record producer and composer for Deborah Henson-Conant and Kim Pensyl and as a sideman for Angela Bofill, Roberta Flack, Chaka Khan, and Noel Pointer.[5]

Awards and honors[edit]

  • Outstanding Achievement in Music Direction and Composition for a Drama Series, Daytime Emmy Awards, The Guiding Light, 1999, 2007, 2008[6]
  • "Deep as the Night" was the #1 Smooth Jazz Song of the Year 2018[7]


As leader[edit]

  • Jewels (JVC, 1995)
  • Renaissance (JVC, 1996)
  • It's Gonna Be Good (JVC, 1998)
  • Sweet On You (Shanachie, 2000)
  • Night Grooves (Shanachie, 2003)
  • Got It Goin' On (Shanachie, 2005)

With Special EFX

  • One (GRP, 1983)
  • Modern Manners (GRP, 1985)
  • Slice of Life (GRP, 1986)
  • Mystique (GRP, 1987)
  • Double Feature (GRP, 1988)
  • Confidential (GRP, 1989)
  • Just Like Magic (GRP, 1990)
  • Peace of the World (GRP, 1991)
  • Global Village (GRP, 1992)
  • Play (JVC, 1993)
  • Body Language (JVC, 1995)
  • Masterpiece (Shanachie, 1999)
  • Deep as the Night (Trippin 'n' Rhythm, 2017)

As sideman[edit]

With Anastacia

  • Not That Kind (Epic/Daylight, 2000)
  • Freak of Nature (Epic/Daylight, 2001)
  • You'll Never Be Alone (Epic/Daylight, 2002)
  • Pieces of a Dream (Epic/Daylight, 2005)

With Celine Dion

  • Let's Talk About Love (Columbia, 1997)
  • These Are Special Times (Columbia, 1998)
  • I'm Alive (Columbia, 2002)
  • A New Day Has Come (Columbia, 2002)
  • One Heart (Columbia, 2003)

With Deborah Henson-Conant

  • Caught in the Act (GRP, 1990)
  • Talking Hands (GRP, 1991)
  • Budapest (MCD Jazz, 1992)

With Chris Hinze

  • Saliah (Keytone, 1984)
  • African Dream (Keytone, 1991)
  • Music for Relaxation (Keytone, 1992)

With others

Music library production[edit]

Year Library Credit/Title(s)
1998–present Gotham Library/Firstcom[8] Composer, performer music cues for television, movies, and radio
2000–2001 Bloomberg Radio Composed music, including the main station IDs
1999 Sound Ideas/Westar Music Library[9] Second Cup
1999 Sound Ideas/Westar Music Library Neon Nights
2001 Sound Ideas/Westar Music Library Sex & Romance
2001 Sound Ideas/Westar Music Library Manhattan Silhouette
2002 Sound Ideas/Westar Music Library X-Treme Sports
2002 Sound Ideas/Westar Music Library Over the Edge
1999 De Wolfe Music[10] Latin Power
1999 De Wolfe Music Smooth Jazz #4
1997 Killer Tracks[11] The 60's Vol. 1
1994 FirstCom[8] American Dream Vol. 2
1995 FirstCom Lifestyles
1996 FirstCom American Dream




Artist Year Title Label
Lao Tizer 1997 Passages Yse
Lao Tizer 2001 Golden Soul Frathouse
Lao Tizer 2009 Short Play LA Sound
Jay Beckenstein 2000 Sunrise Windham Hill
Jay Beckenstein Looking Up
Jay Beckenstein I've Been Waiting
Rick Rhodes 1994 Now You See It, Now You Don't Polystar
Rick Rhodes 1995 Indian Summer Polystar
Rick Rhodes 1998 Deep in the Night Beanbag
Deborah Henson-Conant 1990 Caught In The Act GRP
Deborah Henson-Conant 1991 Talking Hands GRP
Deborah Henson-Conant 1992 Budapest White Cat/Unity
Deborah Henson-Conant 1996 The Art of Harp (Vol. 1) International Harp Festival
Heather Mullen 1992 Heather Mullen[12] Eastwest/Atlantic

As guest[edit]

Artist Year Title Label
Bob Baldwin 2002 The American Spirit: A Smooth Jazz Celebration -

"America The Beautiful" & "Star Spangled Banner"

Bob Baldwin 2010 Never Can Say Goodbye
Bob Baldwin 2015 Mellow Wonder: Songs in the Key of Stevie[12] City Sketches/ Red River
The Omar Hakim Experience 1989 Rhythm Love GRP
The Omar Hakim Experience 2014 We Are One Rhythm Love
Celine Dion 1998 My Love
Celine Dion 1998 One Heart Sony
Celine Dion 2000 A New Day Has Come Sony
Celine Dion 2002 Collector's Series, Vol.1 Sony
Celine Dion 2003 These Are Special Times
Celine Dion 2008 Let's Talk About Love 550 Music
Celine Dion 2009 The Collection 550 Music/Epic
Donna Summer 2003 I Will Sony
Lionel Richie 2002 To Love A Woman Island Def Jam
Jennifer Lopez 1999 On the 6
Jennifer Lopez 2002 J to Tha L-O: The Remixes
Jennifer Lopez 2012 Dance Again - The Hits
Mark Anthony 2002 Mended - "Tragedy" Columbia
Jessica Simpson 2001 Irresistible Sony
Backstreet Boys 1999 Millennium- "I Need You Tonight" Jive/Zamba
Arshak Sirunyen 2014 Hoodman's Blind
Jim Peterik 2013 Forces at Play World Stage International
Lao Tizer 2006 Diversify Yse Records
Lao Tizer 2010 Tizer Live Yse Records
Lao Tizer 2012 Downbeat JLK Productions
Linda Ciofalo 2010 Dancing with Johnny
Paula Atherton 2009 Groove With Me
Rick Nichols 2008 Project Synchrony Linking Point
Peter Primamore 2006 Grancia
Jenny Burton 1995 The Jenny Burton Experience Voiceworks
Jenny Burton 2005 Jenny Burton Experience
Robbie Kumalo 2007 Music is My Friend
Anastacia 1999 Not That Kind Sony
Anastacia 2002 Freak of Nature Sony
Anastacia 2005 Pieces of a Dream
Nestor Torres 2002 My Latin Soul "Smooth" & "Hero" Shanachie
Philip Hamilton 2004 Blues, Rhythm, Rhythm & Blues
Kevin Toni 2001 Strut Shanachie
John Favicchia 2001 Dharma Fav Music
True Vibe 2001 True Vibe Essential/Zomba
David Mann 2001 Touch Encoded
Tin Tin Out 2000 Anybody's Guess Virgin
Celeste 2000 This is Your Life Ministry Of Sound / UK
Carman 2000 Heart of a Champion Sparrow/EMI Christian Group
Steely Dan Tribute 2000 No Static At All - "Josie" with Dave Koz Samson
Rosie O'Donnell 2000 A Rosie Christmas - "Winter Wonderland" with Donny Osmond Sony
Club 1600 2000 Stay Encoded
Samantha Sima 2000 Identity Genie Entertainment
Tre-O 1999 Music of The Heart - "Seventeen" Sony
Tom Browne 1999 R 'N' Browne Hip Bop
Giselle D'Cole 1999 Giselle D'Cole Sony/Disco
Jewel 1999 Joy: A Holiday Collection Atlantic
Gerald Veasley 1999 Love Letters Heads Up
Marion Meadows 1998 Pleasure - "Unchain My Heart" Sire/Discovery
Bahithi Kumalo 1998 San Bonan[13] Siam
Russell Gunn 1998 Ethnomusicology (Vol. 1) Atlantic
Ginette Reno 1998 Love Is All Attic Records Limited
Mercedes Hall 1998 Somewhere In The Night[14]
Sola 1998 Haunts Also Productions
LaChanze 2009 Love
Nicole Renee 1997=8 Nicole Renee - "Memorabilia" Atlantic
Armsted Christian 1998 The Wave Is Coming Siam
Will Downing 1997 Invitation Only
Slim Mann 1997 Secret Rendezvous Mercury
Angela Bofill 1996 Love In Slo Motion Shanachie
Chaka Khan 1996 Epiphany: The Best of Chaka Khan - "Your Love Is All i Know" Warner Bros
Voyeur 1996 Boulevard Columbia
Lionel Hampton 1996 For The Love of Music Mo Jazz
E.Y.C. 1996 I Feel It - "In The Beginning" MCA
Billy Mann 1996 Billy Mann A&M
Mark Johnson 1994 Mark Johnson J
Mavis Staple 1993 The Voice Warner Bros./Paisley Park
Christoph Spendel 1993 Cool Street TCB
Noel Pointer 1993 Never Lost Your Heart Shanachie/Cachet
Bemshi 1992 Woman Child Capitol
Gabor Kristof 1989 The Fast Lane Champagne
Roberta Flack 1988 Oasis Atlantic
Lala 1987 Lala Artista
The Belle Stars 1986 World Domination MCA/Stiff 1986
Cheryl Lynn 1985 It's Gonna Be Alright CBS
Chris Hinze 1984 Saliah Keytone
High Fashion 1983 Make Up Your Mind Capitol/EMI
Change 1983 This Is Your Time Atlantic/RFC
The B. B. & Q. Band 1982 All Night Long Capitol/EMI
The B. B. & Q. Band 1983 Six Million Times Capitol/EMI

TV and movie soundtracks[edit]

Year Soundtrack Credit Director Studio/Network
1987 Ishtar Session Guitarist Columbia
1996 The Hunchback of Notre Dame Session Guitarist Disney
1998 Snake Eyes Wrote and performed "Fiesta Mexicana" Brian De Palma
1999 Bowfinger Composed and performed "Super Smooth" (composed w/ M. Kallins) Frank Oz
1999 Double Platinum Session Guitarist Sony
1999 Clean & Narrow Session Guitarist Showtime
2001 Legally Blonde Production Library (stock music) Robert Luketic
2003 Uptown Girls Session Guitarist Boaz Yakin MGM
1999- Guiding Light Composed 700+ music cues
2007 No Country for Old Men Composed and performed "Deep Cry" (composed w/ M. Kallins) Coen brothers
2007 Firehouse Dog Wrote and performed "Lady is a Vamp" (composed w/ M. Kallins) Todd Holland
2017 American Made guitarist on soundtrack Doug Liman


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