Chiesa del Voto, Modena

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  • Votive Church
  • Chiesa del Voto  (Italian)
Modena Voto facciata.JPG
Facade and Dome of Chiesa del Voto
Geographic coordinates44°38′50″N 10°55′31″E / 44.6473°N 10.9254°E / 44.6473; 10.9254Coordinates: 44°38′50″N 10°55′31″E / 44.6473°N 10.9254°E / 44.6473; 10.9254
Architect(s)Cristoforo Malagola

The church of Chiesa del Voto or Votive Church of Modena is a Baroque style church in the city of Modena, Italy. It is located near the town center, and was built to give thanks for the cessation of the plague of 1630.


Work on the structure began in 1634, under the direction of Cristoforo Malagola, also called il Galaverna. The church is modeled after the church of San Salvatore in Bologna. The dome recalls the Basilica of the Basilica della Ghiara in Reggio. Among the canvases in the church are those depicting the events of the Intercession during Plague by Ludovico Lana.[1] The canvas has the Madonna beside St Roch and St Sebastian, two saints traditionally affiliated with healing from the plague, as well as Saint Homobonus, also a patron saint of the city.[2]

Virgin, child and saints intercede to stop the plague, by Ludovico Lana.

Additionally the church has two canvases, a Glory of the Virgin and a Glory of St Joseph by Francesco Stringa.[3]


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