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The Chifley Research Centre is the Australian Labor Party’s official think tank.

Objectives & Activities[edit]


Its stated aim is to "the advancement of public policy debate and progressive thinking in Australia."[1] The Centre promotes policy debate and discussion in universities and political and industrial forums, commissions academic research, provides strategic policy advice to the Federal Parliamentary Labor Party, and works with other intellectual bodies to promote better understanding of the Australian political and policy environment.[citation needed]

Progressive Australia Conference[edit]

Progressive Australia is a bi-annual conference and series of events that the Centre has run since 2011, which aim to "renew Australia’s progressive values and to rebuild the progressive movement."[citation needed]

Labor History[edit]

Labor History is a project that the Centre runs, which "seeks to educate and engage the Australian people in the history and stories of the Australia Labor Party."This project is attempting to bring together the largest single resource on the ALP to help users gain an understanding of the ALP as a whole. It traces the history of the Australian Labor Party from its inception in the 1890s to the Hawke period of the 1990s. Users can also share their own stories and experiences to add to the collection and to stand as a testament to those who have contributed to the development of Australia.[citation needed]


The Chifley Research Centre is supported by the Commonwealth Government through a grant in aid administered by the Department of Finance and Deregulation.[2] It has Deductible Gift Recipient status under the Income Tax Act 1997.[3]


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