Chigmecatitlán Mixtec

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Chigmecatitlán Mixtec
(Santa María Chigmecatitlán
Santa Catarina Tlaltempan)
Native toMexico
Native speakers
1,400 (2010)[1]
some monolingual
Language codes
ISO 639-3mii

Chigmecatitlán Mixtec (also known as Southeast Puebla Mixtec, or dehe dau ['rain language'] by its speakers) is a Mixtec language of Puebla, Mexico, spoken in the municipalities of Chigmecatitlán and Acatlán de Osorio.

Although classified as a 'vigorous' language by Ethnologue, UNESCO's Atlas of languages in danger considers it definitely threatened.[3]

It is not close to other varieties of Mixtec.


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