Chihiro Fujioka

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Chihiro Fujioka
Born (1959-10-24) October 24, 1959 (age 58)
Osaka, Japan
Occupation video game composer, director, storywriter

Chihiro Fujioka (藤岡 千尋, Fujioka Chihiro, born on October 24, 1959, in Osaka, Japan) is a video game designer and composer, as well as rock drummer. He has worked at Xtalsoft, Square, and AlphaDream where he is primarily known for directing Super Mario RPG as well as his involvement in several Mario & Luigi games. He is currently a member of Earthbound Papas, a band led by Nobuo Uematsu.


Fujioka began his career as a sound designer and composer at Xtalsoft in 1983 and quickly distinguished himself in a management capacity. He first collaborated with Ryuji Sasai on the soundtrack to Mugen no Shinzou III.[1] When Xtalsoft was absorbed to become the Osaka branch of Technology and Entertainment Software in 1990, Fujioka became a director of the department.[2] His first work with Square was as director of Final Fantasy Legend III on which he work with Sasai again on the soundtrack.[1] His third involvement with Sasai was on Final Fantasy Mystic Quest with Sasai as sole composer and Fujioka writing.[2] His most prominent role was as director of Super Mario RPG.[2][3] Fujioka left Square in 2000 with a number of other employees to form AlphaDream, where he directed a number of their early games, including Tomato Adventure and a number of Hamtaro games, as well as helped design multiple Mario & Luigi games.[3][4]

In addition to his game development work, Fujioka served as a drummer for a progressive rock band called Mr. Sirius.[5] He also joined Nobuo Uematsu's band, Earthbound Papas.[6]


Title Year Platform(s) Role
Earthbound (アースバウンド) 1983 Home computer Composer
Lizard (リザード) 1985 Home computer Composer
Aspic Special 1987 Home computer Composer
Satsui no Kaisou: Power Soft Satsujin Jiken (殺意の階層 ソフトハウス連続殺人事件) 1988 Home computer Composer
Combat Simulator: Battle Gorilla 1988 Home computer Composer
Burai (ブライ) 1989 Home computer Composer
Mugen no Shinzou III (夢幻の心臓III) 1990 Home computer Composer
Final Fantasy Legend III 1991 Game Boy Producer, composer
Final Fantasy Mystic Quest 1992 Super Nintendo Writer
Super Mario RPG 1996 Super Nintendo Director
Pai Shin (牌神) 1997 PlayStation Producer
Power Stakes Grade 1 (パワーステークスGrade 1) 1997 PlayStation Producer
Pai Shin 2 (牌神2) 1998 PlayStation Producer
Power Stakes 2 (パワーステークス2) 1998 PlayStation Producer
UFO: A Day in the Life 1999 PlayStation
Koto Battle: Tengai no Moribito 2001 Game Boy Color Director
Tomato Adventure 2002 Game Boy Advance Director
Hamtaro: Rainbow Rescue 2003 Game Boy Advance Director
Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga 2003 Game Boy Advance Special Thanks
Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Games 2004 Game Boy Advance Director
Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time 2005 Nintendo DS Field design
Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story 2009 Nintendo DS Field design
Mario & Luigi: Dream Team 2013 Nintendo 3DS Menu Design
Fairy Fencer F 2013 PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows Main theme, with Earthbound Papas
Megadimension Neptunia VII 2015 PlayStation 4 Composer
Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam 2016 Nintendo 3DS World Design


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