Chihiro Hara

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Chihiro Hara
Chihiro Hara in MIAD-064, 2006.jpg
Native name 原千尋
Born (1984-05-22) May 22, 1984 (age 33)[1]
Tokyo, Japan
Other names Reira Aisaki
Height 1.68 m (5 ft 6 in)

Chihiro Hara (Japanese: 原千尋, Hepburn: Hara Chihiro) is a multiple award-winning Japanese adult video (AV) performer.

Life and career[edit]

Chihiro Hara was born on May 22, 1984 in Tokyo, Japan. She made her debut in adult videos in November 2004 with the S1 No. 1 Style studio in New Face x Semen. Her debut was part of the first group of videos simultaneously released by the newly formed company.[2] At the 2004 Moodyz Awards held in December 2004, Hara won the Special Actress Award given by S1.[3]

By August 2005, Hara was performing with Moodyz and in September of that year appeared in Moodyz's elaborate costume drama A Queendom of Eros with five other actresses. The video, directed by KINGDOM, took the top prize Moodyz Award at the 2005 Moodyz Awards.[4] Hara acted in several more Moodyz videos in 2005 and 2006 including the sequel A Queendom of Eros: Last Chater in February 2006.[5] During this period, Hara also starred in a softcore V-Cinema production, Hitoduma Chikan (Hi) Gekijou Itazura (人妻・痴漢(秘)劇場), with Shinobu Rei & Minami Mizuhara, which was released March 10, 2006.[6]

S1 and Moodyz are both companies in the large Hokuto Corporation[7] and when a new Hokuto company, V, was started in October 2006, Hara was one of the actresses at the launch party at a store in Akihabara and she performed in one of the company's inaugural videos, Chihiro Hara And Having Plenty Of Sex And Kissing, released on October 1, 2006.[8][9]

At the 2007 AV Open contest, Hara was featured in two prize-winning videos from two different companies. In the main competition, she appeared in the 3rd Place Award winner, Dream School 11, part of the popular Moodyz series. She was also one of the co-stars, along with Hotaru Akane and Sakura Sakurada, in the Challenge Stage 1st Place winner, Anal Splash Thick Lesbian United!, directed by Captain Ehara from the Cross studio.[10] Hara was again recognized in the successor to the AV Open, the 2008 AV Grand Prix, where her video with six other actresses and actor Ken Shimizu, Shimiken's Private 7 FUCK, won the Best Miscellaneous Video award.[11] Also in 2007, Hara released two "uncensored" videos without the usual mosaic censoring of the genitals found in all Japanese videos and films.[12]

Hara was for much of her career one of the most popular AV actresses in Japan ranking #43 for the last half of 2005[13] in the DMM website's listing of the top 100 actresses by DVD sales, then reaching #14 in the first half of 2006,[14] #30 for the last half of 2006,[15] and then breaking into the top ten with a #3 ranking for the first half of 2007.[16]


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