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Chick Baraik (also Chik Baraik) is one of the caste of Chhattisgarh found in parts of Bihar, Jharkhand and West Bengal, Port Blair and Orissa. They belong to proto-austoloid and kingsmen group and speak Sadani, Saadri, Nagpuri as their mother tongue. However, with growing interaction between other tribes they generally communicate in the language of that group or in Hindi.

Chik Baraiks mainly resides in harmony with other tribes and Hindus in a village. Most of the cases there is no separate village for the Chik Baraiks. There are some villages where only a single Chik Baraik family resides in the village. In such villages this major community lives congruously between chief tribes, namely Munda, Oraon and Kharia who also become linked with the culture and customs of these chief tribes. Chik Baraiks were known for best fabric designers for their kings and now weave clothes for their living.