Chikahiko Koizumi

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Chikahiko Koizumi
Chikahiko Koizumi 02.jpg
Native name 小泉親彦
Born (1884-09-09)September 9, 1884
 JapanFukui Prefecture
Died September 13, 1945(1945-09-13) (aged 61)
 JapanYodobashi, Tokyo
Cause of death Seppuku
Nationality  Japan
Occupation Japanese army surgeon and politician.

Chikahiko Koizumi (小泉 親彦?, Koizumi Chikahiko, September 9, 1884 – September 13, 1945) was a Japanese military physician.

After graduating Tokyo Imperial University,[1] he joined the Japanese Medical Corps

He became Army Surgeon General of the Imperial Japanese Army in 1934.[1]

He was the Minister of Health and Welfare from 1941 to 1944 under the Konoe and Tōjō cabinet.[1] He worked positively to prevention of tuberculosis and advocated Universal health care.[1][2]

After the war, he came under suspicion of war crimes as a minister when the war broke. But Koizumi refused the investigation and committed suicide by seppuku.[1]