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Chikara Sakaguchi (坂口 力 Sakaguchi Chikara?, born April 1, 1934) is a Japanese politician.[1]

He was born in Mie Prefecture and obtained an MD from Mie University. In 1976, he ran for the House of Representatives as a member of Komeitō, and won a proportional representation seat from the Tokai bloc.

Sakaguchi was Minister of Labor in the 1993-94 coalition cabinet led by Morihiro Hosokawa. After the coalition government collapsed, he was the second-ranking officer of three other political parties, New Frontier Party (1994), Shintō Heiwa (1997), and New Komeito Party (1999).

In December 2000, he was appointed Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare in the LDP-Liberal-Komeito coalition cabinet of Yoshirō Mori. He retained this position under Junichiro Koizumi until September 2004.

Sakaguchi is currently deputy director of Komeito, and is the oldest and longest-serving Komeito member of the House of Representatives.

Political offices
Preceded by
Yūji Tsushima
Minister of Health
Succeeded by
Office abolished
Preceded by
Yoshio Yoshikawa
Masakuni Murakami
Minister of Labour
Succeeded by
Kunio Hatoyama
Office abolished
New creation Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare
Succeeded by
Hidehisa Otsuji


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