Chikaskia River

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Chikaskia River
Chikaskia River Kansas.jpg
The Chikaskia River near the community of Corbin in Sumner County, Kansas
Country United States
States Kansas, Oklahoma
Region Great Plains
Part of Salt Fork of the Arkansas River watershed
 - location Southwest Pratt County, Great Plains, Kansas, United States
 - elevation 925 ft (282 m)
 - coordinates 37°31′00″N 098°34′43″W / 37.51667°N 98.57861°W / 37.51667; -98.57861 [1]
Mouth Salt Fork of the Arkansas River
 - location Near Tonkawa, Oklahoma, United States
 - elevation 282 ft (86 m) [1]
 - coordinates 36°37′23″N 097°14′38″W / 36.62306°N 97.24389°W / 36.62306; -97.24389Coordinates: 36°37′23″N 097°14′38″W / 36.62306°N 97.24389°W / 36.62306; -97.24389 [1]
Length 159 mi (256 km), Southeast [2]
Map of the Salt Fork Arkansas watershed showing the Chikaskia River

The Chikaskia River (usually pronounced chi-KAS-kee-uh but often pronounced chi-KAS-kee in southern Kansas) is a 159-mile-long (256 km)[2] tributary of the Salt Fork of the Arkansas River in southern Kansas and northern Oklahoma in the United States.[3] Via the Salt Fork and Arkansas rivers, it is part of the watershed of the Mississippi River.


The Chikaskia River begins as an intermittent stream in southwestern Pratt County, Kansas and initially flows eastwardly into Kingman County, where it turns southeastward for the remainder of its course through Harper and Sumner counties in Kansas and Grant and Kay counties in Oklahoma. In Kay County the river flows past the town of Blackwell and flows into the Salt Fork 5 miles (8 km) southeast of Tonkawa.[3][4][5]

Variant names[edit]

The United States Board on Geographic Names settled on "Chikaskia River" as the river's official name and spelling in 1897. According to the Geographic Names Information System, the river has also been known as "Chicaskia River", "Sha wa cas kah River", and "Sha-wa-cas-kah River."[6]


The Chikaskia River at Blackwell, Oklahoma

The Chikaskia River and the Salt Fork are known for their large catfish.

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