Chikwawa District

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Location of Chikwawa District in Malawi
town of Nchalo, south of Chikwawa

Chikwawa is a district in the Southern Region of Malawi. The capital is Chikwawa. The district covers an area of 4,755 km.² and has a population of 356,682.

Chikwawa contains six National Assembly constituencies: Chikwawa - Nkombez; Chikwawa East, Chikhwawa-Central, Chikwawa-North, Chikwawa-South and Chikwawa-West. Since the 2009 general election all of these constituencies have been represented by politicians from the Democratic Progressive Party.[1]

The district lies in a malaria endemic area in Africa and has recently been the target of efforts by a local Rotary Club to cover the entire district with insecticide-treated bednets.


Coordinates: 16°10′S 34°45′E / 16.167°S 34.750°E / -16.167; 34.750