Childhood Cancer Parents Alliance

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Childhood Cancer Parents Alliance
Founded 1999
Type Charitable organisation
Registration no. England and Wales: 1090871
Focus Cancer support
Area served
United Kingdom
Key people
Rachael Olley, Chris Gibbs, Abby White, Richard Palmer
Slogan United in helping families fight childhood and adolescent cancer across the UK
Formerly called
The National Alliance of Childhood Cancer Parent Organisations

The Childhood Cancer Parents Alliance (CCPA) — previously known as The National Alliance of Childhood Cancer Parent Organisations (NACCPO) — is a UK registered cancer charity to aid the stability of children's lives when they have been diagnosed with cancer. The charity focuses on the wellbeing and support of the whole family to bring together member groups to help the family in difficult times during treatment and medication.


CCPA was originally formed as NACCPO in 1999 at a meeting with Mike Stevens, a Pediatric Oncologist at Birmingham Children's Hospital.[1]


CCPA was set up to aid families where a child had been diagnosed with cancer. Thousands of children are diagnosed every year, which has a dramatic effect on their family due to medical requirements, costs, and disruption to normal daily life. CCPA's aim is to render assistance by various means such as providing holidays[2] an sponsored events, such as celebrity football matches[3]

Member groups[edit]

CCPA has more than 35 member groups that combine efforts for their specific support[4]


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