Children's Park (San Diego)

Coordinates: 32°42′35″N 117°09′51″W / 32.7098°N 117.1643°W / 32.7098; -117.1643
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Children's Park
Children's Park, San Diego - DSC06956.JPG
The park's fountain in 2013
LocationSan Diego, California, U.S.

Children's Park is a public park along Martin Luther King Jr. Promenade in San Diego, California, in the United States.[1][2] It was designed by landscape architect Peter Walker, and completed in August 1996 at a cost of $2.8 million.[3]

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32°42′35″N 117°09′51″W / 32.7098°N 117.1643°W / 32.7098; -117.1643