Children's Railway (Efteling)

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View upon the ride from Pagode
view from the other end

The Children’s Railway is a pedal train attraction in the Efteling amusement park.[1]


The level crossing open...
...and closed as a train approaches

The track was introduced in 1954 under the name Pedal Trains (Dutch: Traptreintjes) in the northern section of the park. The concept was developed by Peter Reijnders, who wanted to create a world where children could ride through, including a farm with corn fields, a pond, the railway station The Blue Heron (Dutch: de Blauwe Reiger) and a level crossing. The guard at this crossing is modeled after Reijnders. The original braking system in the station caused quite some accidents as it was quite abrupt.[citation needed]

In 2000 the ride was moved to the eastern side of the ornamental pond and renamed Children Railway (Dutch: Kinderspoor)

Ride details[edit]

Station Blue Heron


  • Ride length: 2 minutes
  • Ride capacity: 750 passengers/ hour
  • The trains are named after bird species
  • During Winter Efteling the Children’s Railway is transformed into the langlauf track the Panting Deer (Dutch: 't Hijgend Hert).


Coordinates: 51°38′59″N 5°03′12″E / 51.6498°N 5.0533°E / 51.6498; 5.0533