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Children on Stun
Origin England, United Kingdom
Genres Gothic rock
Years active 1991 - present day
Members Neil Ash
Gordon Young
Kyle Whipp
Past members Simon Treen
Simon Manning
Pete Finnemore
Stuart Harper

Children on Stun is the name of a gothic rock[1] band from England. Formed in 1991, the original line-up consisted of Neil Ash, Simon Manning, Simon Treen and Pete Finnemore.


Formed in August 1991 and taking their name from a song by the band The March Violets, Children on Stun appeared to enjoy a relatively large amount of success in a short period of time. Treen left within a year of the band forming. The band's first gig took place at a club called "The Crypt" in Hastings. In the same year, the band also recorded their first demo, entitled "Elegance", and also made an appearance in Mick Mercer's second book on the gothic rock genre: this boosted the band's popularity and gained them much publicity.

In 1992, the band supported the popular goth rock band Rosetta Stone on their UK tour. Later on that year, they released their second demo, "Choices".

The band went on to release two more demos in 1993, entitled "Monochrome I" and "Monochrome II". They used the profits from these demos to release their first single, "Hollow", which became a club hit throughout Europe and the UK. The band secured a record contract with Cleopatra Records in 1994 and released the album Tourniquets of Love's Desire. This album was well received within the UK goth scene and boosted the band's popularity.

"Towards the end of the year, the band was approached by the label M&A and asked to produce an EP. This resulted in the Overland EP being released."[2]

Kyle Whipp (formerly of 'Soul Inside') joined the band in 1995 as their new bass player with Manning moving to guitar. The band's first gig featuring Whipp took place at London's Camden Underworld. The EP Celebration Drug was released later on in the year and included the popular track "Whiskey a-go-go". In August of the same year, the band went on a tour of Scandinavia. As well as this, the band released another EP titled Celibacy and Anadin which included remixes by Rosetta Stone. After the release of this EP, the band ended their contract with Cleopatra.

1996 saw the band begin to record their new album, Mondo Weird, which was not released until 1997. The band also released the single "Pin ups, Soap Operas and Natural Disasters" in this year.

A remix LP called Outrageous, Outlawed, Outspoken was released by M&A in 1998: during the same year, the band announced that they would be splitting up. They played their final gig at the Camden Underworld on 24 May 1998.[3] Resurrection Records also released a CD of this gig, entitled Seven Year Itch.

In 2005 M&A released a compilation called Rough Trade on a Cheap Promotion, featuring the band's b-sides, alternate song versions and demos.

On 15 May 2015 Children on Stun played a sell-out reunion gig at the o2 Academy2 in Islington, London and within a few weeks announced they would be reforming.

On 4 July 2015, Simon Manning died in his sleep from Myocardial infarction

On 24 October the Stun had a charity fundraising birthday party in memory of Simon. They were joined by Simon's long term band-mate and friend Stuart Harper [Felo-De-Se] who stood in for Simon. Also paying tribute were Vendemmian, whom Simon had joined for a short time and The Last Cry a favourite band of Simon's, giving their services for free. The money raised was split between the British Heart Foundation and the Sophie Lancaster Foundation.

'Dancing with Mr Punch' a strictly limited edition Stun Cd of 100 copies, compiled by John D'Anter, containing all four early studio demos on CD was made available to attendees of Simons Birthday memorial gig with the proceeds also going to charity.

The band decide to continue with Stuart Harper joining permanently on guitar

2016 On 22 October a second Charity event [The Birthday Bash 2] was organized in their hometown of Hastings in memory of Simon Manning. That same night a limited edition Cd, 'This Sideshow Burlesque' was released first to all attendees. Only 100 hand-numbered copies were pressed with all profits from the release going to two heart charities. The track-list contained rare live tracks from the bands early career.

2017 After headlining the Gotham Sounds Festival in Germany and during the recording of new material, the band announced they would be splitting

2018 The group made a surprise return at the Hope & Anchor in Islington, London on May 4th. The band recorded two new songs 'All the Pain of Love' & 'Echoes' at Savage Sounds Studio, Hastings as part of a planned Mini-LP.

In June 2018 Guitarist Stuart Harper leaves the band.

September 2018 Ex-Dream Disciples guitarist Gordon Young joins the group.

After the Split[edit]

Simon M formed 'Spares' in 1999 with Alison Gann.

Kyle Whipp & Neil Ash form 'The Stripper Project' with Hannah Neech in 2007

2008 saw the release of an official DVD entitled Bootleg Television, comprising three hours of archive footage from the band's personal archives, compiled by filmmaker D/Evil. Included is the band's final concert in Camden, a 45-minute rockumentary of the 'Mondo Tour', three unreleased tracks with unseen footage, a stills gallery, a rare Norwegian television interview, three songs from the band's Scandinavian tour plus a remastered copy of the rarely seen Celebration video. Only 100 are made and marked "limited edition" and signed by the band.

Pete Finnemore & Simon Manning form Grooving in Green in 2009


Discography |TIRED & BIZARRE cd album 2000 M&A Music Art
END OF THE LINE e.p 2001 M&A Music Art
DOWNLOAD cd album 2003 Black Planet
SUFFERING FOOLS GLADLY cd album 2004 Black planet
HALF LIGHT ZONE cd album 2006 Signet Records
AFTER-LIFE 3 track e.p Internet only release 2008

Since its incarnation [2000 - To the present day], Simon M and Alison Gann have released several Lp's and Ep's and been joined by various musicians [Jamie Smith - LIBITINA, Kyle Whipp - Children on Stun/Stripper Project]to name a few...

Grooving in Green[edit]

2009 - Simon Manning [Ex Children on Stun] and Pete Finnmore [Ex Children On Stun, founding member]with Megatron Bison [Ex Solemn Novena] form Grooving In Green.

In 2008 Grooving in Green formed with Pete and Si on guitars- (ex Children on Stun and Spares). Soon after Tron joined on vocals and the band was complete. In a gesture to the bands origins their name once again came from the March Violets.

Grooving in Green set out to progress their sound from the Overland era of the Stun but established their own sound, 'Groove Goth'. Their distinctive identity draws upon goth, rock, punk and industrial influences whilst maintaining a pop sensibility.

In June 2009 the band received critical acclaim for their first EP ‘Ascent’ which was described as "Obvious Quality" (Mick Mercer). This was quickly followed by the single 'Dirt' which further established their unique sound. The band is set to release their debut album 'Post Traumatic Stress' in July 2010. The album features production from Steve Carey (Eden House/Adoration/This Burning Effigy) and contributions from legendary bassist Tony Pettit.

Grooving in Green have proven themselves as a powerful live act both in the UK and Europe having played venues including Germany, Austria (Judgement Day Festival) and Whitby Gothic Weekend. The band played dates at Lumous Gothic Festival in Finland, DV8 Fest in York and Pray Silence Festival in Portugal.

2013 Sees Simon Manning leave the band and replaced by Joffie Lovett

The Stripper Project[edit]

Kyle Whipp & Neil Ash form 'The Stripper Project' with Hannah Neech in late 2007

2008 saw the Stripper Project release two singles.

'Reasons not to go to work [Be yourself and mean it, Punch Drunk Love, Smiling Judas] was recorded at Arundel's Pilot Sounds studio in Jan '08 and was produced by Porl Young [Rosetta Stone, Bent]

'Filthy Wonderful' [Filthy Wonderful, Kill La Shoes]. was recorded in April '08 again at Pilot sounds studio with Porl Young. Originally another track 'Born to Lose' was recorded at the same time but never used. Also of note, Filthy Wonderful is a tribute to artist and pioneer transsexual, Lili Elbe.

2009 Hannah Neech leaves the project.

2010 A 10 track debut album 'Brilliant Life' was released 29 October 2010. In review, author and Music magazineist Mick Mercer, [Gothic Rock book/Hex Files] included 'Brilliant Life' in his albums of the year.

2013 Danny Tartaglia [Wasteland, Burning Gates, Voices of Masada, Vendemmian] joined the project on bass.

With the reunion of Children on Stun on 15 May 2015 the band is left on ice.


  • Pete Finnemore - Guitar (1991–1995)
  • Simon Manning - Bass (1991–2015)
  • Simon Treen - Drums (1991)
  • Kyle Whipp - Bass (1995–)
  • Neil Ash - Vocals, Keyboards and Drums (1991–)
  • Stuart Harper - Guitar (2015-2018)
  • Gordon Young - Guitar (2018-)


  • Hollow (1993)
  • Tourniquets of Loves Desire (1994)
  • Overland EP (1994)
  • Celibacy & Anadin (1995)
  • Celebration Drug (1995)
  • Mondo Weird (1997)
  • Pin Ups, Soap Operas and Natural Disasters (1997)
  • Outrageous, Outlawed, Outspoken (remix album) (1998)
  • Seven Year Itch (live album) (1998)
  • Rough Trade on a Cheap Promotion - Rare Stuff (2006)
  • Bootleg Television Limited Edition DVD (2008)
  • Dancing with Mr Punch Limited Edition CD (2015)
  • This Sideshow Burlesque Limited Edition CD (2016)


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