Children in Need 2010

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Children in Need 2010
Genre Telethon
Presented by
Narrated by Alan Dedicoat
Country of origin United Kingdom
Original language(s) English
Location(s) BBC Television Centre
Camera setup Multiple
Running time 385 minutes
Original network
Picture format HDTV 1080i
Original release 19 November 2010 (2010-11-19)
Preceded by Children in Need 2009
Followed by Children in Need 2011
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Children in Need 2010 was a campaign held in the United Kingdom to raise money for Children in Need. 2010 marked the 30th anniversary of the appeal which culminated in a live broadcast on BBC One which began on the evening of Friday 19 November and ran until the early hours of Saturday 20th. The broadcast was hosted by Terry Wogan, with Tess Daly from 7pm until 10pm and Fearne Cotton from 10.35pm until 2am. Peter Andre hosted from the BT Tower. The show was broadcast from BBC Television Centre in London but also included regional opt-outs hosted from various locations around the UK including Cardiff and Glasgow, viewers in Northern Ireland could see the whole show Live from London for the first time instead of having their own opt out as in previous years instead the Northern Ireland concert was broadcast live on BBC Radio Ulster and highlights on BBC One Northern Ireland the next day with Reggie Yates and John Daly. They returned to Belfast every so often to show fundraising from Northern Ireland but it wasn't a Live broadcast as in previous years. In 2010 contributions fell short of the previous year's fund-raising total. The 2010 event raised £18,098,199 compared to £20,309,747 in 2009.



  • "Show your spots, Let's Raise Lots"


Professional performances[edit]

In Order Of Appearance:

Charity special performances[edit]

Children in Need: 50 Greatest Moments[edit]

A two part special Children in Need: 50 Greatest Moments aired on BBC Three, on 9 and 16 November and featured top moments of the appeal throughout the years as well as some of the celebrities who participated in them. The top 10 was also shown on the Telethon.

50. Jr. Dragon's Den (2007)

49. "All You Need Is Love" Official Children in Need Single (2009)

48. Blankety Blank (2004)

47. Coronation Street "Grease" (2003)

46. Gok Won and Coronation Street (2004)

45. Sybil Fawlty and Hotel Babylon skit (2007)

44. John Barrowman performs "Old Time Rock & Roll" (2009)

43. "Jack The Peg" skit from Rolf Harris (2004)

42. Bruce Forsyth and Friends dancing including Terry Wogan (2005)

41. BBC Newsreaders skit (Women "Venus" - Men "Wildboys") (2001)

40. OzEnders a skit of EastEnders set to The Wizard of Oz cameo by Ozzy Osbourne (2003)

39. Trinity and Susannah of What Not To Wear perform "Vogue" by Madonna (2002)

38. Madonna performs "Hung Up" for the shows opening (2005)

37. Lee Mead performs "Any Dream Will Do" and has microphone problems (2007)

36. Three Little Maids skit (1991)

35. Eastenders (Shaun Williamson) Queen skit (2001)

34. BBC Newsreaders skit "King of Swingers" (1992)

33. Ozzy Meets Ozzy skit (2004)

32. The Return of Boyzone (2007)

31. Donny Osmond and The Kumars (2003)

30. Emmerdale skit (2005)

29. EastEnders do Motown skit (2009)

28. Casualty skit involving Pudsey Bear (2009)

27. Smell-O-Vision (1995)

26. An assortment of celebrities performing "Rockstar" (2008)

25. The Bill musical skit (2008)

24. Hollyoaks do Queen with Gerard McCarthy having microphone trouble(2009)

23. "The Breakfest Sketch" with Ainsley Harriot and Antony Worrall Thompson ( 2003)

22. Strictly Come Dancing routine with hosts (2008)

21. "Especially For You" Denise and Johnny (1998)

20. Top Gear meets Ashes to Ashes (2008)

19. Celebrity Hypnotism (1996)

18. BBC newsreaders "Rocky Horror Picture Show" skit (2002)

17. Walk On The Wild Side (2009)

16. Terry Wogan performs "Floral Dance"(Remix) (1995)

15. Sawing Simon Cowell in half (2003)

14. EastEnders does "Thriller" with Shaun Williamson as Michael Jackson (2002)

13. Lumley Striptease (1983)

12. Ulrika Johnson and Kermit the Frog (1997)

11. Katie Price and Peter Andre "A Whole New World" (2005)

10. The Two Tony's skit (2005)

9. Dr Who "Time Crash" (2007)

8. Coronation Street does Oliver (2004)

7. "WestEnders" EastEnders does WestEnd musical numbers (2008)

6. Chefs "Full Monty" (1998)

5. "Perfect Day" Official Children In Need Single (1997)

4. BBC Newsreaders skit "Crazy in Love" and battle vs. Diversity (2009)

3. Peggy vs. Lauran skit (EastEnders vs. Catherine Tate character skit) (2005)

2. Peter Kay's All Star Band Official Children In Need Single (2009)

1. Paul McCartney singing "Hey Jude" (Rocks The Albert Hall on 12 November 2009 over 100 musicians performed for the charity) (2009)


Official single[edit]

"Love You More" by JLS is the official single.

Other activities[edit]

As in previous years, the TV show Countryfile sold a calendar in aid of the appeal.

The BBC Radio 4 show PM released a CD of listeners' performances of the title music for Upstairs, Downstairs, composed by Alexander Faris, in a variety of styles from bossa nova to heavy metal,[2] raising over £70,000.[3]

A number of high-profile charity events not directly affiliated with the BBC also contributed a large amount of cash for the 2010 appeal, such as the Chris Evans 'Drive and Dine Magnificent Seven' motorsport event held in Hampshire at Chewton Glen.[4][5]


The following are totals with the times they were announced on the televised show.

Date Time Total
19 November 2010 19:49 GMT £5,753,764
20:32 GMT £8,356,800
22:39 GMT £12,314,005
23:28 GMT £13,224,202
20 November 2010 00:00 GMT £14,560,701
01:00 GMT £16,162,347
02:00 GMT £18,098,199

Total number of phone calls during the telethon

BT said that it handled 185,066 calls from viewers across the country during the event. Steve Smith, BT's eDonate platform manager, said: "At peak times, the BT network was handling more than 42 calls every second. More than 5,000 volunteers in 51 call centres across the UK manned the phone lines, answering more than 185,000 calls, which was a great way to celebrate 30 years of telethons."[6]

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