Children of Eve

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Children of Eve
Origin Conception Bay South, Newfoundland
Genres Punk, alternative, progressive
Years active 1994–1997, 1998–2001, 2005–present
Associated acts Commoname
Members Stephen J. Hollett
Logan M. Wall
Bruce A. Skinner
Joel C. Upshall
Will Dray
Past members Gregory K. Moore/James Johnson/Aaron Hayward/Mike Walsh/Christopher D. Power

Children of Eve is an alternative/progressive rock band from Conception Bay South, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.


Starting off in 1994 as a cover band playing shows at local shows, the band began writing their own material shortly afterwards, eventually leading to their first six track demo Tribute to Chaos. The original members on this demo were Greg Moore (bass guitar), James Johnson (drums), Bruce Skinner (guitar), Mike Walsh (guitar), and Paul Cormier (vocals). The band went through a couple years of other projects and eventually some poor ties between some of the members. In spring of 1998 bass player Greg Moore ran into former drummer James Johnson and guitar player Mike Walsh in a George Street pub in downtown St. John's. James and Mike were finishing up in a cover band called Sugar Mountain and were looking for something new and original. Greg Moore suggested maybe rekindling Children of Eve as a new original band, and was interested in playing drums instead of bass, which in turn left James Johnson playing bass and heading up lead vocals and former guitar players Bruce Skinner and Mike Walsh on guitar.

Early in the summer of 1998 the four members began to write a new set of songs and early in Mike Walsh became unimpressed with the direction and slow progress of the group due to James and Greg switching instruments and left shortly after. Bruce Skinner assumed the role of lead guitar and Greg and James progressed on their respective new instruments and by the fall of 1998 were busy playing shows around the St. John's area. By early 1999 Children of Eve entered the studio with producer Vaughn Rowsell (Bucketruck) and by the summer of 1999 released "Realize" the band's first full-length album.

Throughout 1999 and 2000 the three members of the band played countless shows and made a TV appearance and toured the Maritimes in support of "Realize" eventually being nominated for a Music Industry Award and showcasing at the East Coast Music Awards in Sydney, Nova Scotia in 2000. In fall of 2000 Children of Eve picked up bass player Aaron Hayward while James Johnson wanted to concentrate on vocals and in turn won the Molson Canadian Rocks Battle of the Bands receiving some studio time in St. John's where they recorded another demo.

In January 2001 Children of Eve packed up and moved to Toronto to establish themselves in the bigger music scene. However things quickly fell apart and by March 2001 Children of Eve was disbanded once more. Members James Johnson, Greg Moore, and Aaron Hayward formed the Toronto group "Brand New Day".

In 2005 in Newfoundland, Bruce Skinner and Greg Moore reunited and picked up vocalist Joel Upshall (Commoname) and bass player Steve Hollett (Standalone), once again establishing Children of Eve. The band went through a number of changes in lineup in the coming years with drummer Greg Moore leaving the band and guitar player and drummer Logan Wall (Commoname) as a new guitar player and Chris Power on Drums.

Around August 2006, the band's lineup was finalized and drummer Chris Power left leaving Logan Wall with the drumming duties and things started getting really serious. When Will, the last member to join the band was officially on board, COE started writing their current touring record (Self-titled). They, as a band wrote a few of the tracks in their jamspace in Newfoundland, and started to get a really good idea of the direction they planned to go in musically. The new sound was much more mature and organic, leading to a newfound energy and excitement within the band. With this newfound purpose and excitement, they decided it was time for a change. To help them become closer as bandmates, friends and brothers, they decided to move from their small town or origin to the nearby city of Halifax, Nova Scotia. This also offered great opportunities for the band to become a part of the Canadian touring circuit that more often than not skipped Newfoundland because of the high cost of travel.

Upon arriving and settling, the band began work on the rest of the Album. The new mentality continued through the rest of the writing process. A new place, new people, new responsibilities and an excitement and thirst to do what they loved most, to fans, can be heard in each track of the album.

When all the songs were written and ready to be recorded, the band decided to work with their longtime friend and sound technician Ron Anonson to record and engineer the album. In a number of different studios, most notably Halifax's Sonic Temple, the process of production and recording began. The album was pressed and released on September the 11th of 2008.

In 2010 Children Of Eve disbanded.

Band members[edit]


  • Joel C. Upshall — vocals, "Le synthetiseur"
  • Logan M. Wall — drums, vocals
  • Bruce A. Skinner — guitar
  • Stephen J. Hollett — bass
  • Will Dray — guitar


  • James Johnson (vocals, bass, drums)
  • Greg Moore (drums, bass)
  • Mike Walsh (guitar)
  • Aaron Hayward (bass)
  • Paul Cormier (vocals)
  • Chris Power (drums)

Leaving Newfoundland[edit]

In August, 2007, the band received scrutiny for their decision to leave Newfoundland in hopes to further their career in Halifax, Nova Scotia.[1] While away, the band wrote the majority of their songs for their self-titled album. The main reason that the band relocated to the mainland portion of Canada was to be in a better location for touring.[2] However, they have stated that Newfoundland will always be their home, and that they "won't forget about it by any means." The band tours there regularly, and considers it to be their favourite place to play.


  • Tribute to Chaos – 1996
  • Realize – 1999
  • This Island Just Might Kill us All – 2005
  • In These Fair Streets. We Fall. Verona Holds Us Now. – 2006
  • Children of Eve – 2008