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Chilean-Danish relations
Map indicating locations of Chile and Denmark



Chile–Denmark relations refers to the current and historical relations between Chile and Denmark. Chile has an embassy in Copenhagen,[1] and Denmark has an embassy in Santiago.[2] Relations between the two countries are described as "friendly"[1] and excellent.[3]

Both countries signed a commerce treaty on 4 February 1899.[4] On 23 December 1931, a settlement treaty[5] and a conciliation treaty were signed between Chile and Denmark.[6] In 1965, an scientific and technical cooperation agreement were signed.[7] Chilean-Dainsh Business Council were established in 2004. The council were created for the businesses representatives that worked in Chile and Denmark.[8]

In 2009, Chile exported 840 million DKK to Denmark, while Denmark exported 645 million DKK to Chile.[9] In 2010, Danish company Vestas invested 250 million dollars in Talinay Oriente, Chile.[10][11]

Both Chilean Presidents Patricio Aylwin and Eduardo Frei Ruiz-Tagle visited Denmark, during their terms.[3] On 26 January 2004, Chilean President Ricardo Lagos visited Denmark.[12]

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