Chile national football team results (1990–99)

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This is a list of the Chile national football team results from 1990 to 1999.











  1. ^ First official match under manager Xabier Azkargorta.
  2. ^ Peru's goalkeeper Miguel Miranda saved a penalty from Esteban Valencia.
  3. ^ Last match under manager Xabier Azkargorta.
  4. ^ Qualifying match for the 1998 FIFA World Cup in France
  5. ^ [1]
  6. ^ First match under manager Nelson Acosta.
  7. ^ [2]
  8. ^ Chile's Sebastián Rozental missed a penalty. The match was suspended for four minutes due to the falling of a tree.
  9. ^ [3]
  10. ^ Goalkeeper Armen Avagyan saved a penalty by Rodrigo Goldberg in the 79th minute.
  11. ^ Apparently not a full international for Chile, although it is recognised as a full international by FIFA.
  12. ^ Apart from scoring five goals in one match Iván Zamorano missed a penalty in the 70th minute.
  13. ^ Red cards for Ronald Fuentes [Chile, 60th minute] and for Paolo Montero [Uruguay, 78th minute].
  14. ^ Red card for Juan José Jayo [Peru, 63rd minute].
  15. ^ Chile's goalkeeper Nelson Tapia saved a penalty by Juan Carlos Plata in the 53rd minute.
  16. ^ Not an official match according to the FIFA.
  17. ^ Red card for Australia's Goran Lovanovski in the 77th minute.
  18. ^ Red card for Chili's Ronald Fuentes in the 31st minute; Marcelo Salas missed a penalty in the 73rd minute.
  19. ^ Iván Zamorano missed a penalty in the 87th minute.
  20. ^ Red card for Uruguay's Federico Magallanes in the 55th minute.
  21. ^ Red card for Chile's Javier Margas in the 90th minute.
  22. ^ Red cards for Cameroon's Rigobert Song (52nd minute) and Lauren Etame Mayer (89th minute).
  23. ^ Red cards for Venezuela's Rolando Álvarez (18th minute), and Chile's Jorge Francisco Vargas (39th) and Marcelo Salas (69th).
  24. ^ Match abandoned in the 85th minute due to fog. Result stood. Brazil's goalkeeper Dida saved a penalty by Pedro González in the 74th minute.
  25. ^ Chile's Marcelo Salas missed a penalty in the 26th minute.