Chilean Central Valley

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The Central Valley (Spanish: Valle Central), Intermediate Depression, or Longitudinal Valley is the depression between the Chilean Coastal Range and the Andes Mountains. The central valley should not be confused with Central Chile that encompasses part of the valley. At its broadest definition, the geological one, the Central Valley has a discontinuous extension from Pampa del Tamarugal at 20° S to Ofqui Isthmus at 46° S. The viticultural Central Valley extends from Santiago southwards to the Bío-Bío Region.

Sometimes Puerto Montt is considered the southern end of the Central Valley because south of there the valley is below sea level and emerges sporadically as islands down to the Ofqui Isthmus.

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Coordinates: 35°20′07″S 70°43′48″W / 35.33529°S 70.72998°W / -35.33529; -70.72998