Chilean Tercera División B

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Tercera División B
Country Chile
Confederation CONMEBOL
Founded 1983
Number of teams 18
Level on pyramid 5
Promotion to Tercera División
Relegation to Local Association
Domestic cup(s) Copa Chile
Current champions Limache (1st title)
Most championships Juventud O'Higgins (2 titles)
Website Official webpage

Tercera División B de Chile (Third Division B of Chile), is the fifth category of Chilean football (soccer) in the Liga Chilena de Fútbol, and is organized by the Federación de Fútbol de Chile and the Asociación Nacional de Fútbol Amateur de Chile. It is both the fifth level of the Chilean football league system and the second league for Chilean Football Youth Leagues.


The Cuarta División de Chile was founded in 1983, being the continuation of Campeonato Regional Zona Central, and was disbanded in late 2003. It returned in 2009 with its name changed to Tercera División B.

Currently, 18 teams participate on the 2014-15 season. The winner and the runner-up of the league gets promoted to Tercera División.

Teams competing in the 2014-15 season[edit]

The teams are divided in two groups:

North Zone[edit]

South Zone[edit]

Cuarta División / Tercera B champions[edit]

As fourth level of the Chilean League system[edit]

Season Champion Runner-up
1983 D. Chilectra Andarivel
1984 Soinca Bata
1985 Juventud O'Higgins
1986 Gasco
1987 Municipal Las Condes
1988 Thomas Bata Deportivo Lo Barnechea
1989 Unión Veterana D. Compañía de Teléfonos de Chile
1990 Tricolor Municipal Juventud Puente Alto
1991 Chiprodal de Graneros Gasco
1992 Trasandino Cultural Orocoipo
1993 Juventud O'Higgins Unión Municipal La Florida
1994 Luis Matte Larraín Arturo Prat
1995 San Bernardo Juventud O'Higgins
1996 Malloco Atlético Maipo
1997 Polpaico Ferroviarios
1998 Hosanna Estrella de Chile
1999 C.T.I. Municipal Limache
2000 Municipal Nogales Melón Manuela Figueroa
2001 Con Con National Cristo Salva
2002 Quilicura Lautaro de Buin
2003 Ferroviarios San Bernardo
2009 Municipal La Pintana Quilicura
2010 Unión Santa María Pudahuel Barrancas
2011 Linares Valdivia

As fifth level of the Chilean League system[edit]

Season Champion Runner-up
2012 Santa Cruz Malleco Unido
2013 Independiente Tomás Greig
2013-14 Limache Estrella de Huasco

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