Chilean women's football championship

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Chilean women's football championship
Founded 1999[1]
Country Chile
Confederation CONMEBOL
Number of teams 18
International cup(s) Copa Libertadores
Current champions Colo Colo
(2017 Apertura)
Most championships Colo Colo (12)

The Chilean women's football championship (Spanish: Campeonato Nacional Primera División de Fútbol Femenino) is the main league competition for women's football in Chile. The winner qualifies for the Copa Libertadores de Fútbol Femenino, the South American Champions League. The competition is organised by the Chilean Football Federation.


The Apertura and Clausura format is used, thus there are two champions per year. Apertura starts early in the year, Clausura starts mid year and ends in December. As of 2013 about 20 teams play in two divisions, a Southern one and a Central one. They play a single round-robin tournament. After that the top four teams advance to the quarter-finals. Since 2014 the final is played in only one match, as the other knock-out matches, before that the final was two-legged. If different teams win the Apertura and Clausura there is a play-off for the Copa Libertadores spot.

2015 Clausura teams[edit]

Zona Centro Zona Sur
Palestino Colo Colo
Santiago Morning Rangers
U. de Chile D. Temuco
Santiago Wanderers Naval
Audax Italiano Puerto Varas
Union Espanola Curico
La Serena Cobresal
U. Catolica U.A:Ch.
Boston College Puerto Montt
Everton D. Nielol

List of champions[edit]

Below is the list of champions.[2] In 2011 an Apertura and Clausura format was introduced.[3]

Titles before 2008 were unofficial(?), as Universidad de Chile is credited with the first title in 2016.[4]

  • 1999:[5] Universidad de Chile
  • 2000: Universidad de Chile
  • 2001: Universidad de Chile
  • 2002: Santiago Morning
  • 2005: Universidad de Chile


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