Chileans in the United Kingdom

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Chileans in the United Kingdom
Total population
Chilean-born residents
7,130 (2011 Census)[1]
Regions with significant populations
London, Midlands, South East England, North West England
English (British English)
Spanish (Chilean Spanish)
Predominantly Christianity
(Roman Catholic, Protestantism, Evangelical)
Related ethnic groups
Chilean people • Latin Americans in the United Kingdom • Spaniards in the United Kingdom • Hispanic • Latino • British Chilean

Chileans in the United Kingdom (Spanish: Chilenos en el Reino Unido) are people of Chilean ancestry living in the United Kingdom, they can be either British citizens or non-citizen immigrants.


When approximately 2,500 Chilean exiles (including businessmen, professors, and students) arrived in Great Britain[when?], they were met by a small community of Latin people who were already there. In the 1970s right-wingers fled the Allende administration, and later leftists fled the Pinochet regime. The Chilean community has settled well in the country, and the majority are of European ancestry.[2][3][4][5] The size of the Chilean British population is hard to estimate as many have gone back to Chile, or move fluidly between several places.[6]


According to the 2001 UK Census, 5,131 Chilean-born people were living in the UK,[1] representing just over 8% of the UK's Latin American-born community.

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