Chili Con Carnage

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For the Western subgenre, see chili con carnage.
Chili Con Carnage
Chili Con Carnage.jpg
Developer(s) Deadline Games
Publisher(s) Eidos Interactive
Platform(s) PlayStation Portable
Release date(s)
  • NA February 27, 2007
  • EU February 16, 2007
  • AUS February 23, 2007
Genre(s) Third-person shooter, Action
Mode(s) Single-player, Multiplayer

Chili Con Carnage is an action/adventure third-person shooter video game. It was developed by Deadline Games and published by Sci Entertainment in Europe and by Eidos in North America. Its predecessor Total Overdose was released September 27, 2005. Chili Con Carnage is not actually a true sequel to Total Overdose, as it goes by a different title and has a story that has nothing to do with Total Overdose. Many reviews of the game classify it as a remake of Total Overdose for the PlayStation Portable.[citation needed]


The player character is Ramiro "Ram" Cruz, an athletic wisecracker. Ramiro, after witnessing his father Ernesto being murdered (along with some kittens, which were Ram's birthday present to his father) in a freak combine harvester accident, wants revenge on the culprits responsible. The player will fights with drug lords, corrupt banditos, femme fatales, crooked mercenaries, and ritualistic zombies. In between the missions the player can choose to play mini games, in each of which the player is dropped right into the middle of a situation and must complete a number of moves (Fly on the Wall, Burrito Blast, Etc.) with a limited number of enemies, or beat a set score in a limited amount of time. There is no free-roaming option in the game.


  • Ramiro "Ram" Cruz: the main protagonist in the game. He is an athletic man with a liking for extreme sports. For revenge he works to bring the perpetrators to justice. His nickname, given to him by his enemies in the game, is "El Gringo Loco".
  • DJ Gunslinger (Dennis Joshua Cruz): in Total Overdose, he was Ramiro's personal trainer who trained him and his father but he was killed by a dude of the dead inside the ancient Mayan ruins while he was searching for the most powerful gun in the world
  • Ernesto Cruz: was a Federales cop who investigated the largest drug cartel in Mexico. On his birthday, just as he was about to crack the case open, he was killed in an assassination ordered by the same drug cartel that he was about to bust. His son, Ramiro, witnessed his death.
  • Marco is the Cruz family's black sheep. He is Ram's uncle and his network of contacts in the Los Toros underworld make him useful for information. He is a coward and he finds all kinds of excuses for staying out of harms way leaving Ram to face the bad guys alone.
  • Mama Virgillo: as the matron of the Virgillo family, Mama Virgillo is scary. She has lived all her life in the dusty marijuana farm outside of Los Toros and has inhaled too many fertilizer fumes for her own good and therefore stands 3 meters tall today. Equipped with two canes, dynamite sticks, meat cleavers and a stinking cigar, she tried her best to stop Ram from eradicating her family and demolishing her farm.
  • César Morales is the undisputed king of the Los Toros underworld. He runs the businesses of Los Toros with a firm, bloody hand and his mischief is starting to spread into legitimate businesses that he uses for trafficking drugs into the United States. His latest idea is to run for president of the local government. In Chili Con Carnage, he is fought in his bullring, after making you face a living bull, and has a henchman, named Mini Morales, who is dressed as a bull. He and Mini Morales charge you in the bull ring, after you defeat his bull. In Total Overdose, he is fought in his office, and uses a gun instead of charging you.
  • Elvez Gonzáles is a puppet master and the mastermind behind the biggest drug cartel in Mexico. When the Federale Ernesto Cruz, Ram's father, gets too close for comfort, he puts out a contract for the death of Ernesto through his partner in crime Cesar Morales.

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