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Yangnyeom gejang: marinated crabs in gochujang (chili pepper paste)

Chili pepper paste or simply Chilli paste usually refers to a paste where the main ingredient is chili pepper. Some are used as a cooking ingredient, while others are used to season a dish after preparation. In Korean cuisine, red pepper paste is used to create red pepper (gochujang) sauce, which is a common seasoning in the cuisine.[1]

Chili pepper pastes[edit]

There are different varieties of chili paste depending from the region and also within the same cuisine.

  • Biber salçası – Turkish red pepper paste
  • Gochujang – Korean red chili paste
  • Harissa – a Tunisian hot chili peppers paste made with spices and herbs
  • Jaew bong – a sweet and spicy Laotian chili paste
  • Yuzukoshō – a Japanese fermented paste made from chili peppers, yuzu peel, and salt.[2]

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